'Lord' Davenport - What am I doing wrong?

Chaps and chapesses it would appear this bounder, who having various parties involving 'celebs' most of whom seem to Z listers, fleecing the rich and gullable, has been caught out!As a reuslt he spend a few years with the worlds finest at some HMP open prison etc. Anyhoo now that 33 Portland place will be empty for a while I think I've found a new ARRSE world headquaters that can fulfil all of our various cadish and wanton needs, both sexual and otherwise.

I propose a party of epic proportions with the entertainment provided by John Shuttleworth. Who's with me in this most glorious endeavour?

Linky things:

Lord Edward Davenport

BBC News - 'Lord' Edward Davenport jailed for fraud

John Shuttleworth - She is The Girl in the Pink Hooded Coat. - YouTube

P.S. The 'Lord' looks like a right ravin' southern shandy drinkin' pufta - in the words of Lt Col The Mrs Netley Ned

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