Lord Coe, here's a new olympic logo for you, you egotistical c*nt!

God knows how many copywrite laws you're infringing there Mugatu!
I'd be surprised if the Olympic advert police don't show up on your doorstep in minutes few.

Just stick a maccy D's flag and a Coke flag in a couple of those starfish and you might just get away with it.

Otherwise I agree whole heartedly with your comment.


Lord Coe once told me to fuck off, was before he was a lordship. He used to live near me and pulled out in front of me so I flashed him and received a flurry of hand gestures, never did like him even when he was competing.

Even better I was told to fuck off as a young oik when I used to watch the Sweeney being filmed and I asked John Thaw for an autograph, stunned 10yo fair dues tho we were annoying......there is a trend there that has continued

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