Lord Carlile - Trust issue very damaged over Iraq dossier

And how many people have resigned over the dossiers of lies? Hmmm. That's "official" resignations such as at the BBC, not being kicked out as a liability like a certain Mr Campbell...


Lord Carlile also bluntly told MPs that the "dodgy dossier" before the Iraq war had a "devastating effect" on public trust in warnings from the intelligence services. His warning came on the eve of today's knife-edge Commons vote on government plans to outlaw the glorification of terrorism, as part of the new terrorism bill, and with a plea that more must be done to explain the nature of the threat.


He also made clear that the lack of public trust in the security and intelligence services over the terrorist threat stemmed directly from the way the government made the case for war in Iraq: "The trust issue has been very damaged by the intelligence information connected with the Iraq war which is perceived, rightly or wrongly, to be inaccurate," he said.

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