Lord Ashdown as possible EU Balkans Envoy

"Lord Ashdown is also close to Baroness Ashton of Upholland, the Labour peer now acting as the EU’s ‘foreign minister’, who is hoping to create the powerful new job of regional envoy or special adviser on the Balkans"

Is this a good OR bad move or would his expertise & experience be better served & directed towards a Middle East position, even Teflon Tony is/was there also

Septics don't like him, tends to sideline them a bit IIRC, bit too dominant for their liking.

They would veto any middle east involvement I would think, or not keep him fully in the 'loop'.
Of course an egotist like Ashdown would just love another stint as a pseudo colonial viceroy in the Balkans telling other people how to run their country, still at least it would stop him constantly pontificating on TV here. What worries me more is that the Foreign Secretary's Private Office is headed by a Bosnian Muslim refugee, Arminka Helic. I hope she's not getting access to classified information, it's bad enough someone like that should be influencing a government minister.
The Foreign Offce has for many decades been Arabists and tend to "Go Native" on postings abroad so she probably fits right in.
Of course the position is in his Tory Party private office but I would presume she's now some kind of 'special adviser' since they are in government but having a refugee from a still contentious area like that working for the Foreign Secretary in any capacity is asking for trouble; a bit like having ministers working on their red boxes on the bus really.

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