Lord Ashcrofts VC collection to air on TV

Lord Ashcroft has 142 VC's in his own personnel collection and they are to be the centre of a new 3 hour series to be shown on Channel 5 in November, The Prince of Wales is narrating.

Should be worth looking out for.

Wonder how much they cost him, bet they weren't cheap. Hope he ain't got my great Uncles, last I heard it was in the RWF museum, best I check on that what with cutbacks etc they may have flogged it!
He is in the process of sorting out a permanant residence for them so the public can see them. He always outbids people at auctions, at least they stay in this country.



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is there a list of which recipients VCs are in his collection?
dextrose said:
Victoria Cross Heroes, written by Michael Ashcroft is published on Monday, 6 November 2006. The book, which is 335 pages long and superbly illustrated, is published by Headline. Its publication coincides with a three-part television series of the same name to be shown by Five from Sunday, 19 November.

Thanks for the link. This is one to watch.

Does anyone have a list of the VC's held by his lordship? We think he may have bought one of our family members VC, it 'went' to a private buyer.
It would be nice to know and would be nice to be able to view it.
Thanks for that Merchantman, our man is not named in the article but we will certainly be watching the program when it comes out - I suppose there is no harm in emailing him and asking him the question!
And there I was feeling pretty good about having tracked down most of phantom family medals!
Did Peter de la Billiere not do a similar book recently?
Best one is "Symbol of Courage" -by Max Arthur i believe. It lists every single winner, how they won it, what become of them and where they are buried. Great book.

huckster said:
:D :D Have just found the complete list of VC's owned by Lord Ashcroft and YES ours is amongst them! Have a look at the following site http://www.victoriacross.org.uk
Cant wait for them to go on display........
Nice one, and thanks for the link.
Today the trust which was established to care for and protect the VCs now owns 142 Victoria Cross groups, just over a tenth of the 1355 VCs that have been awarded to individuals since 1856. It is by far the largest collection of Victoria Crosses in the world. The trust has plans to open its collection to the public when a suitable location can be found.
The channel 5 program "VC Heroes" starts 19 Nov.

Look out for Melchers as an extra running about in a Bristol quarry (as Crimean Royal Navy). The ginger geezer who plays Percy Weasley in Harry Potter plays a RN Officer. Twas a very long day waiting for the smoke to be just right! As far as I recall Crimea, India, and Boer war were re-enacted. Might have been some Great war bits filmed but I was back at work then.


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