Lord Ahmed offers £10m bounty on Barack Obama and George Bush

So who made him a life time peer then, just asking like?
What's the chances of him being stripped of his Peerage and his Citizenship and deported back to Pakistan?


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And this from a senior member of the party which committed us to Afghanistan and Iraq. I wonder how much of the nonsense endured in both campaigns, particularly around the lack of funding and political support, was due to Labour bigwigs holding similar views?

I feel a bit sorry for the Millipede though - just when the Coalition is ripe for a kicking, can't do right for doing wrong and is generally drowning in a sea of mediocrity, one of Labour's ethnic poster boys is front page news for allegedly behaving like a Nick Griffin wet dream.
Absolutely ******* none!!
Yep sadly that will be the case. If found guilty then he should be, him and his family and **** their human rights.
In fairness to him, he should have offered the same amount for anyone getting Blair and Brown into the Hague to stand trial for war crimes as well (preferably via 3-5 years torture at various facilities in central Asia and central Europe).

If it's good enough for our governments to use on suspected (but not proven) terrorists, then it must be good enough for Blair and Bush.
Just another labour arse with ears. Can't open his fat mouth without swallowing his foot. Send the useless twat back to paki land in a sack.
For some strange reason he does not include,,,Ahmadinnerjacket,Hook Hands Hamsa,Abu Qatada and all the other advocates of Islamic terrorism....
Just another labour arse with ears. Can't open his fat mouth without swallowing his foot. Send the useless twat back to paki land in a sack.
I can see what you did there alla Joe Orten 'Prick Up Your Ears,and unfortunately you used the unmentionable PA** word, I agree with you but sadly it's bye bye from me and bye bye from you,best regards,and Mods take it easy on him free speech and all that...


He "never said that". Nor would he arrange the bounty at any cost, even if he had to sell his own personal assets including his house. There were no witnesses at a reception arranged in his honour by the business community of Haripur on Friday. A Pakistani ex-foreign-minister plus a provincial education minister were not present at the reception when he didn't say it. He also doesn't do texting while driving nor would he cause fatal crashes, either. He may, further, have been sentenced to jail time, but swerved nick and kept his title "an honour under the Crown". Though they wanted Jeffrey Archer to lose his, for a lot less. He is not a Teflon loon , at all. Absolutely not.
He has a certain constituency to play too. This will no doubt go down well in some of the more "right on" factions of the Party. Lots of ethnics and left wing white apologists will love it

For me, as a life long Labour voter, he is just an embarrassing, posturing ****. I hope he decides not to come back.
If it's good enough for Archer then it's good enough for this M*****m tw*t........
Is there any proof he actually said it yet? Before we put too many miles on the outrage bus...

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