Lord Ahmed - Losing the plot again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cernunnos, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. contempt for the father of two kids he killed. But it's the contempt for Tony who made him a lord in the first place that will get him a political shoeing.
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  2. Perhaps he's trying to get back inside to renew his acquaintance with Big Ron.
  3. You do wonder at the madness that was NuLabour, why the **** did they make him a peer apart from to toady up to Muslims. No doubt we will have the usual I was misquoted, lost in translation, I said "the juice not the jews" kind of piss poor excuses.

    The man has form, **** him.
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  4. The thread title sort of presumes that he ever had the plot! When exactly was that, he has always seemed a Class 1 Throbber to me?
  5. Muslim labour peers are renown for thier probity. Tony chose them in his own iimage.
  6. You can take the man out of Pakistan, but . . .
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  7. In a statement, the Labour Party said it "deplores and does not tolerate any sort of racism or anti-Semitism".

    "We will be seeking to clarify these remarks as soon as possible," the statement added.

    One wonders how much seeking to clarify these remarks would have been done by the Labour Party had he not been one of their figurehead ethnic minority figures.
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  8. Bliar was actually on form that day, a stroke of inspired criminal genius I'd say. The best chance his party will ever have of getting rid of the, by them, much hated upper house, is by getting everyone to hate them.

    Making barons out of bus conductors might just do the trick there!
  9. tbf if you get to the hard shoulder and then attempt to cross the motorway back to your crashed motor your not going to make it regardless of if you have some corrupt twat texting or not :(
    stupid can kill.
    thats why the **** wasn't done for dangerous driving
  10. Doesn't he know?

    'The Juwes are the men who will not be blamed for nothing'.
  11. There is still death by careless driving on the books.......Does anyone on here know of any case where somebody, who admits sending and receiving text messages up to the accident, by the way that killed someone got 16 days porridge?
    Only 16 days?
    Pray tell, then tell me that no pressure was brought to bear on the poor judge that sentenced him, because it certainly does not fit the sentencing criteria.................
    Try this, don't read it all but skip to pages 14 and 15, says it all really

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  12. Current Labour party leader is a 'Joo' (no matter that he claims to be of part polish heritage) back home a pole was a pole and a joo was a joo..
  13. He does have a big nose though, come on. We're off to the stoning..................................................
  14. What,? Labour lies? Surely this is a Tory problem. Only they can be racist, not some beloved liebour Peer. **** me he's an Immigrant therefore cannot be a racist - he's not white, he's not Tory and he has not been on the BBC today talking about new government policy. Thank **** he s not white African.
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