looting in Iraq

Read todays Sunday Times, had to put it down, because the reports of looting of antiquities etc, made my (qv Woopert) Pi55 boil.

The septics were very keen to secure the oilfields, but as regards the home of some of the rarest treasures on the planet? The museum director asked for some soldiers and an IFV to protect what is possibly , the most important building in Iraq, and was told that no one could be spared. Net result, a significant proportion of irreplaceable antiquities have gone.

The hospitals are looted, everything taken by ratboys and 10 to one street corner animals. We know it's not the normal citizenry, because their protests against the lawlessness is getting worse. There are warnings, that the locals may well take up arms and then the Americans will have a real problem. You can hardly preach liberation, whilst wasting the indigenous law abiding CivPop .

I note with interest, that the heir elect Chalibi, is appearing more and more in the press, with references to his less than glittering past, sanitised by the "quality press" The guy has "Big bag o' future trouble" stamped all over him (IMHO) Surrounded by his coterie of FIF "soldiers" he's already acting the part. unfortunately, he just looks and acts like a Russian Mafioso.
The local Iraqis, are already saying they don't want him, and they slotted the last one we tried to foist on them. if you want to know more about chalibi, just type his name in google, his list of achievments, will come up faster than you can say "Manuel Noriega"

The laughable thing, was seeing the famous pictures of Saddams statue being pulled down, and a large proportion of the crowd chhering and helping do it. Unfortunately, several of the Iraqis who were the most vociferous, are also members of Chalibis inner circle, as a set of photos just published on the web reveal......




I don;t condone any sort of looting, but it was telling on Channel4 last night that the showed the doors to the museum vaults unforced - ie, someone had either given up the key at gunpoint or just opened them....

Awesome comment in today's Sunday Times: how is it that a civilisation that abandoned religion as its primary source of knowledge three centuries ago was allowed to triumph so effortlessly over one that owed its very existence and identity to revealed knowledge given by God? (Culture p.36)



Can't imagine they could find a key for the museums in Iraq! With Saddams gang around and that culture of fear I suspect theft of treasures just wouldn't have been happening before this week....absolute disgrace that the hospitals, utilities and national museums have not been guarded...hence the rape of the countries heritage. Appalling.
Now let's have our boys home so I can start slagging the yanks off again. :mad:
While I don't want to suggest looting is a good thing, the media have to learn that you can't run a dictator out of town, clean up any remaining resistance and create a new law and order system all IN THE SAME DAY.  Give them a few days grace please.  If its like it is in a couple of week's time then we should be complaining.


I Understand what you are saying and of course first things first BUT..
To have allowed all the hospitals to be stripped of vital equipment by looters is tragic..It is needed NOW.
To have allowed museums to be stripped of 5,000 years of history is appalling..these treasures are simply irreplaceable.
No use trying to explain this to America -but we should know better.


We should know better?

Shouldn't the Iraqis??

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