Looting from MFO boxes in Afghanistan?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. We had it.

    Kit coming along the Pass was stopped and Iso containers opened by the 'Police'

    Yes things were taken. No there wasnt anything you could do about it.
  3. Which "police" ours or theirs? If theirs who lets them and how do we know they won't add "something" next time?
  4. There was a thread a while ago about this happening, on both telic and herrick.
    If its our own guys stealing the stuff then well, they need a good shoeing.
    If its not, then security of these containers really needs looking into.
    Either way it needs looking into!
    Theiving jack barstewards.
  5. It wasnt our Police, put it that way.

    Errm.. Is that a Wah?
  6. No, how do you fancy half a kilo of semtex next time?
  7. It's not unknown for earthquake rescue teams to have some of their personal or rescue equipment looted by customs/police on entry into a disaster zone.
    There's some very grateful people in this world!
  8. Wouldnt get thru the Gate tbh.. I can only assume that you've not seen the security or supply chain procedures out there. :(
  9. Pakistanis again then, OOOPs not meant to be Racist, just fact
  10. Somehow I can't see the Yanks putting up with this...
  11. Welding the containers shut wouldn't be a bad idea!

    How much military kit is going missing? If they're stealing gucci webbing and ipods what's happenning to containers of ammunition? are they getting into those too? If one can be protected so can the other.
  12. Nothing new. Remembered when MFO boxes coming back from Germany to the UK,were looted somewhere along the line.
  13. Because the containers aren't sealed properly, all that gets put on them is an achme seal so that you can see some thieving cnut has been at your kit.
  14. Problem stems from the fact the keys and manifest have to be with the container if it's locked to allow customs searches, or the container has to be left accessible. As yer not going to send an armed escort thru every Country the container passes, there's nothing you can do except pray that the 'officials' along the way are kosher and that Rangit Abdul your friendly driver is of fine mettle and not open to bribes.. or being made to open containers at gunpoint..

    The only way round it would to be to air freight everything in. Not that easy a thing to achieve and there arent enough Aircraft to achieve it.

    If the Container is locked, it's no problem, they'll immediately ask to see what's inside and cut the weld, padlock, etc that's securing it. Theyre within their rights to do so.

    Even cunning packing wont help. shoving the heaviest items you can find in your unit by the back doors wont help, they'll just get dragged out the way and the other items listed on the manifest searched for and thru.

    In short, there's no way of avoiding it. It's not the Loggies fault, they can only do what the movement guys say. It's not the Movement and RMP's fault, they just say what the rules concerning international freight movement say.
  15. And Fatbadge has hit the nail on the head. My trade is responsible for organising all the movement of kit and it's a nightmare. Iraq isn't too bad because the kit stays in british hands virtually all the way home.