Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by STUNNED_SLUG, Apr 19, 2003.

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  1. I might be getting paranoid but

    Does it strike anyone that if you were part of the Baath Party in Bagdad and wanted to destroy the evidence of your past now the yanks were here that you would pose as a looter and get your PC back to delete it!!

    Just a thought

    Heres another one

    Now the clerics have found their voices and want us out lets do the world a favour and sort out an interim government in rapid time and oblige them before it gets bloody
  2. Yeah, all the Arab nations are shouting off about the US & UK getting out of Iraq now.  Simple thanks would have done lads.  After all, you spent the last 10 years sh*tting your pants in case Saddam decided he'd have a go at you.  I'd like to add to this but I would be accused of being racist :mad:
  3. They're all shouting about it

    On the question of destruction of evidence, when the library went up in flames, it took with it, the archives of the Iran-Iraq war. Bet there was some interesting bed time reading in there, with reprucussions for a lot of parties, not just sandyside.

    Big "peaceful" demonstration in Baghdad yesterday, but how long for. Americans not commenting on more people turning up for that, than welcomed them in. Demonstration appears to have been sparked, by US Army trying to deliver aid, but motored straight onto the holy area of the Mosque, things went to t1tsville in seconds one. Someone need to give them a crash course in local sensitivites.

    Matters not helped by Americans arbitrarily electing local officials, and the Iraqis not given a say

    Mean while in the British sector, we're continuing to do the business :)
  4. but what you really have to ask ourselves is 'Did they really want us to go in and invade sorry liberate and turn into a force of occupation?'