loosing weapons a new trend?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by No1_port_side, Oct 19, 2005.

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  1. MoD investigates second lost gun

    The SA80 assault rifle is capable of firing 700 rounds a minute
    A search is under way for a second firearm lost within a week, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has revealed.
    The SA80 rifle went missing during an exercise by the 14 Signals Regiment in the Brecon Beacons, Powys.

    That was suspended on Monday morning when the gun, which can fire 700 rounds a minute, was discovered missing.

    On Tuesday morning, a handgun accidentally left by an army captain in a supermarket toilet in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, was found by police.

    Whats all this about then????? how many other incidents happen that weapons are "lost" anyone got any good tales to tell??
  2. Bad drills from 14.

    But a gun in a toilet!!!!! WTF
  3. I know a reservist who mislaid his SLR on two separate occasions. On the first one, he didn't notice until the arms storeman noted that it was missing. He found it several hours later, propped up in the corner of a remote Ulster bothy, where he had left it. (This was before the troubles started). On the second, it was found on the hire coach where it had been left, but, again, only after someone else had noticed it was adrift.
  4. at the risk of becoming a "black catter" or owning 2 sheds, I once left 3 smg's on a white elephant while cleaning a tank post exercise on saltau. I say I left them, I asked one of the lads to keep an eye on them who promptly fell asleep. Imagine how funny it was when I saw the bus pull off without me onboard. The troop sgt was very understanding aboput me missing the transport until I told him about the guns. They got all the way back to detmold and were on their way back out the camp when the gate guard spotted the slings hanging down form the parcel shelf. A very understanding ssm gave me and rip van winkle a week of guards each, ahh the old school ssm's
  5. They really want to get across that it could fire 700 rounds a minute.

    Must have had a really big magazine.
  6. Pending stoppages of course.
  7. I have known two people one left an SA80 on DROPS wing in Bosnia and one forgot to take his SMG with them after making a telephone call from a German telephone box. Nether were let off 'lightly'.
  8. What next? A girlie RA Subbie leaving a tracked Rapier in the Asda car park? A young RN bloke absent-mindedly parking his Trident submarine in the local lido? I'm sure, somewhere, there's a rusting Tornado been left in a field somewhere by a crab with a short-term memory problem.

  9. I'm not sure the constabulary have been entirely innocent in this regard - I seem to remember an MP5 left on a post box and a bag of pistols falling out of van over the years.
  10. I'm sure there has. WTF has it got to do with me or the subject in hand?
  11. Within the confines of 'The Mental Factory', Banja Luka, a young Loggie cpl, due out on escort duty, had his mate stop their landrover outside the OR'S accomodation so he could 'nip' into his corimec, propping his SA80 against the front wing of the landrover before disappearing into the rabbit warren of corrimecs.

    Was he ever surprised when he came out to find his trusty dealer of death no longer there!!

    More surprised that his mate 'never saw anyone' - locally employed civilian (LEC) or otherwise - approach the vehicle and walk away with the weapon.

    What makes this tale of woe even more woeful is that before propping the weapon against the Landrover, he fitted a fully bombed up mag to the weapon ' ... in case he lost it ... ', he said in interview after the event!!!
  12. Slightly off topic, but was on exercise once and patrolling down a track came across a box of PE4 that had bounced out the back of the Pioneer wagon!
  13. Rather clumsy linkage this, but its a way of combining a weapons loss tale with an example of "a damn fine officer". The chap who was commanding my battalion when I was a spotty wee LCpl was loved by the Sgts' Mess to a degree that I found bewildering. I asked the obvious question and was told that, as a company commander, he had been in Belize. He and the RQMS had been out cabbying down the Keys and decided to stop for a swim. They neatly placed their SMGs on top of their webbing, on the sand, in view of them as they splashed about. When they got back to their kit, the RQ's weapon was missing. Now, the RQ was within days of getting his LS and GC so, on return to the camp, the OC altered the entries in the Arms Kote register so it read that he had lost his weapon. The result? RQ got his gong. OC got a severe dig and the loss of two years seniority. The longer term result was, when said major returned to command the battalion, his slightest wish was executed by the Sgts' Mess as though it was a direct order from God and the battalion ran like a sewing machine. Just an old soldier's dit - but perhaps some hope for those who are caught up in arms losses.
  14. It might count as a falsehood, but it was the act of a gentleman.
  15. Out with The Brigade, having fun with my Austin 1 Tonner switchboard near The Weser River.

    With an hour off, took this photo and passed by the Sgt's Mess area utilising their luxuriouse thunderbox.

    There, on the seat, wrapped in its webbing holster was a Webly Revolver (I suppose).

    Eased, I walked forward to find only the ACC hard at work in the area , handed it over to them .

    Joy all round for the teasing they could have before returning it to the owner. (turns out it was the RSM's)

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