Loose Women: Mind Bleach and/or Popcorn....?

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Just shows why they are such man haters and why their divorce lawyers are so wealthy
Andrea McClean, is that her name? Very much yes.

No / yes / no / yes / yes / no / no / no / yes

Lucky Jim

WTF is wrong with number 1 you gaytard.

Feck it I'd do them all in a mass orgy.
Are you fùcking mad? THEY are free to do as they please, but WE are not allowed to look or make any comment.

The evil disgusting harridans.

Although I did catch it once when Katie Price was talking about dildoing and explained her special technique for **** dildoing. Now that's the shit I want to see on daytime tv.

FFS! Linky! :)


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Ffs another thread about tv people you would or wouldn't ****! It's like ******* ground hog day.
Where's @The_Duke when you need him.

Smash (if she didn't talk), 8 pints, crate, smash, smash, 6 pints, crate and a bottle of rum, 4 pints, 2 pints
I don't watch it, as, thankfully I have better things to keep me occupied during the day! However, I'll put a vote in for far right (Jane Moore) - now there is a MILF who is pretty high up in my all time fantasy league, just behind Amanda Platell.
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