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Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by wildcard.rgbw, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys some loose bits of buckshee kit all in NEW and SUPERGRADE condition. P&P is £5, will consider a discount if interested in multiple bits of kit.

    Soldier 95 / 2000 hoods: Basically add a hood to your smock, ever wanted one here you go, ripstop material and hood is wired.
    11 hoods for 96 chest smock
    1 hood in 104
    3 in 112

    Arctic mittens: Good bit of kit if your a Royal Marine or go hiking alot, as well as being a good addition to your kit, I don't think these are general issue to most INF units; in sizes Small, Medium and Large; £10 a pair

    Windproof "SAS" style smocks; in black and olive green, made of gabardine woven cotten, same spec as our Windproof smocks; £30 each all sizes from 180/96-120, all brand new £30 plus

    Sniper Smock 180/104: Repaired; still has all the loops for cam and vegetation £25

    Current issue Windproof Smocks; £10 various sizes

    Lace up bivvys: £10

    Jungle sleeping bags with syntax breathable bivvy: £20

    Black Patrol Pack current issue £20

    Brand new desert DPM smock 190/96 £10

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  2. hello mate,
    id like one of the black windproofs off you, whats the best way to pay ect?
  3. paypal, PM me
  4. hello mate, not got paypal
    what about a cheque?
  5. PM sent.
  6. cheques are fine by the way as well as long as they clear
  7. PM me your postal address mate, and price in postage and ill get on in the mail to you

  8. also reply to my PM, moneys sat here waiting for you.
  9. Hey guys, due to ebay account being suspended I got loads of kit to get rid of and up for grabs if anyones interested? alllllllllllll neededs to go