Loose kit

Hey guys some loose bits of buckshee kit all in NEW and SUPERGRADE condition. P&P is £5, will consider a discount if interested in multiple bits of kit.

Soldier 95 / 2000 hoods: Basically add a hood to your smock, ever wanted one here you go, ripstop material and hood is wired.
11 hoods for 96 chest smock
1 hood in 104
3 in 112

Arctic mittens: Good bit of kit if your a Royal Marine or go hiking alot, as well as being a good addition to your kit, I don't think these are general issue to most INF units; in sizes Small, Medium and Large; £10 a pair

Windproof "SAS" style smocks; in black and olive green, made of gabardine woven cotten, same spec as our Windproof smocks; £30 each all sizes from 180/96-120, all brand new £30 plus

Sniper Smock 180/104: Repaired; still has all the loops for cam and vegetation £25

Current issue Windproof Smocks; £10 various sizes

Lace up bivvys: £10

Jungle sleeping bags with syntax breathable bivvy: £20

Black Patrol Pack current issue £20

Brand new desert DPM smock 190/96 £10


also reply to my PM, moneys sat here waiting for you.
Hey guys, due to ebay account being suspended I got loads of kit to get rid of and up for grabs if anyones interested? alllllllllllll neededs to go

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