loose 7kgs in a month?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ironeye, May 18, 2008.

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  1. Is it possible? I got differed on selection and was told it would take 3 months. No chance in hell I'm waiting that long.
    Any advice on what to eat/not eat.

    Many thanks

  2. apart from indulging in a month long tugging marathon i,d recommend you get curcuit training a least 3 times a week and start laying off crap food and stella.
  3. start eating 4/5 small meals instead off 3 big ones and before the weigh in take some laxatives
  4. If you eat a heap teaspoon full of cat sh1t twice a day for three days I guarantee 7kg will fall off you in a month.
  5. It's possible but is not especially good for your health (mental or physical). Good advice above to eat little but relatively often to fuel your day to day activity. Depending on what your energy needs might be, this might amount to a light breakfast (eg 2 x Weetabix with skimmed milk) and then 4 rounds of sandwiches (ie made up with 4 slices of bread), taken 1 every 3 hours or so throughout the day (eg 1100, 1400, 1700 and 2000). I did this and lost 5 KGs in 1 week. However, note that I did zero exercise during this time. If you're exercsigin you'll need more energy (and things get more complicated).
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Handfull of rice get work on the Japenese railways
    Worked for my great uncle
  7. My bold, 5kgs in a week!!!! just from eating 2x weetabix and 4 bits of bread a day. Holy crap I wil do that
  8. You could try the 'Treblinka training routine' or the 'Dachau diet'

    Worked for a fair few overweight people in the forties.
  9. Just lost over 2 stone in less than a month, granted it took a brief stay with the NHS and laproscomy (?) and will entail at least 2 months doing feck all but resting and a shite load of pain but 2 stone is still 2 stone!!!
  10. Oh yeah, and keep yourself hydrated. Remember that you can live for weeks without food but only days without water.
  11. While cutting weight for a fight I lost 5kg in 4 days. When I rehydrated only 1.5kg went back on, so in effect I lost 3.5 in 4 days...you've got 4 weeks. You'll manage it. I cut my calorie intake to around 1000/day, reduced my water intake to minimum: only 'fluid' was my lunchtime protein shake.
    Breakfast: '0 cal' jelly drink
    Lunch: Protein shake
    Dinner: boiled vegetables and a small piece of grilled chicken/tin of tuna.

    Add in 2 sessions of cardio training per day, 1 hour each and Bob's your uncle. It wasn't fun and I felt like shit but it got the weight off.
  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    #What did you put in your sarnies?

    I tried the following
    1st Sandwich - Bacon x 6 rashers
    2nd Sandwich - Sausage x 4
    3rd Sandwich - Burger with chees (x2)
    4th Sandwich - Kebab meat and chips

    I suppose as they say the first week is the hardest as it's not shifting
    I keep myself hydrated too but the hangovers are killers :wink:

    I thought the name was a bit dodgy - The Glasgow diet for begginers any one heard of it or tried it?
  13. you could just get your mate to nail you to your bed for a month and leave you a straw with a ten gallon water butt nailed to your nads.bound to lose weight then,the only downside is probable death.

    on the other hand you could just try and get fit. :roll:
  14. Maybe in a desert...you can survive off the water in fat for at least 10 days. Dehydration is actually a great way to force your body to lyse fat. Just not overdoing it (i.e. your urine is dark, rather than black/non-existant) is fine. You get around 30-45% of your daily water intake in your food, as opposed to fluid anyway.
  15. There's a general theme developing here. Basically, the theory of losing weight is far from rocket science; if your body's aerobic energy needs (ie that activity which is predominantly fuelled by fat) are greater than your caolorific intake, it will either fail or seek out fuel from stored fat. If you eat next to nothing, your body can only do 1 thing. So much for theory however; human instincts, and especially that on which we depend for basic survival, are powerful things and will often defeat conscious intellect (eg willpower) in a face-off.