Looooooooong post with many many queries, sorry!........

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Morning all, apologies in advance for firstly the length of post, multitude of queries and monotonous questions which have all, doubtless been asked many hundreds of times since i began writing this post.

Are we sitting comfortably?, Then I'll begin......

Right - So, I'm 27 and have lurked here from time to time but started browsing and searching more in the recent weeks as im at the 1st/2nd interview stage with my application and will have to pick my three choices very soon.

I have searched for answers and read up on alot of differing viewpoints of tthe jobs im looking at and am thankful a site such as this exists, i would however like to ask again (sorry) just to get as recent insight into the jobs as possible.

My choices thus far are :- (in the order im most keen)

1 Ammo Tech or Comms Engineer
2.. Aircraft Tech


1. Ammo tech - From browsing the forums this seems to be a job which is suggested to recruits very frequently, is it due to the Army needing Ammo tech's or for other reasons?

2 Comm's tech - This has been sold to me as "the elite job in the signals" would someone kindly direct me to something a bit more in depth than the leaflets and army website?

3. Aircraft Tech - Looks very interesting but i have read on here that its maths heavy and while im not too shoddy at maths, i feel i would maybe struggle with the learning side of things here. Am i thinking wisely here or being over cautious?

I'm not asking you kind folks to decide for me as i will eventually decided on the job I want to do the most, but i would be massively appriciative of some views and info from serving members of these roles - as i get frustrated when i go to the AFCO seeking information and they send me away with the same old vague leaflets after every visit, are they purposley vague to get potential recruits to research on their own or is it for other reasons?

Is there a site / blog or anything similar where i can read up on the day to day work life of these roles, as while i understand what the jobs broadly entail i would really like to read up as much as humanly possible before commiting to anything?

Many many thanks in advance for any replies, all info is appriciated!

BARB - 81 and Basic skills were all lvl 2 if that gives anyone a better idea of my intelligence, or lack of.

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