Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by backwoodsman, Jun 28, 2009.

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  1. How loooong is the long jump on the individual obstacle course? :D
  2. If I remember correctly, it's very long. I never made it to the end.
    Hope this helps.
  3. If it's the one at the AOSB briefing it isn't that long maybe 12-15Ft, even i managed to complete this :D the hurdles were my down fall!
  4. Really? 15 ft is more than 4.5 metres!!!! I'm done for!!!!
    Hairyarse, sorry you didn't make it..... :cry:

    Seba, have you passed the Board? How many hurdles did you jump? :?
  5. It's as long as you can jump, of course. You're not supposed to reach the other side.
  6. Of course, I get it now!! Ok, any sane being out there answer my question pleeeeese?
  7. I dare say the majority of successful candidates did not know the length of the jump beforehand.

    Put it this way, I'm 5' 6" and I found it a piece of piddle.
  8. Thank you so much! I have found many people very helpful on this forum; indeed, the purpose of the forum appears to be to help those attempting AOSB.Why then, do some find it necessary to adopt the attitude "Oh, no! I'm not going to answer your question in case you gain some advantage; if you were a deserving candidate you would pass on your own merits like the best of us, who knew nothing and did not seek out info beforehand....". Why bother, I wonder?
  9. I passed my AOSB Briefing in June but won't be going to the main board untill September as i need to work on my cardio fitness. Luckily i was told if i pass main i can still make the January intake for Sandhurst.

    The hurdles are two in a row and 1m high, you must hit two in succession without knocking them over, you'll get three attempts at this before being told to move on. As for the long jump i managed it both times but he didn't record my first attempt as he was busy replacing the hurdles. Main trick is to go for height and not just length and make sure you throw yourself fully into it, the gravel will break your fall!

    After the long jump you have three steps which are inclined, they are basically inclined bars in this shape |ˉ|. You must carry a log over these then return the log to its original place.

    Next you'll have the wall which you must mantle, i'm poor at height but i think its about 12ft maybe, there is grip paint in the middle so target this when you jump off at it.

    Finally there is the rope which you jump off a raised platform at and must swing over a bar! This is the obstacle course for the AOSB briefing and i'm not sure what it is for the main board. You should be aiming for sub 30s for a man on this. Hope this helps

  10. Cheers! Good luck for September!
  11. Good luck to you as well man :thumright:
  12. I hated every obstacle. Long jump took me three attempts- but managed it. Wall took two. Only managed 1 circuit and then 2 more obstacles on MB (3 mins) and passed (some got 2 circuits done). Don't be too worried as long as you get round once just give it stacks of effort. Long jump is about 4.5 meters- outdoor is harder than indoor, for some reason.

    Grit it and get it done.

    Good luck

  13. The long jump is a long jump... grit your teeth sprint and throw yourself over it. They are not looking for olympian technique get past the line and move on. Getting moody with people on here is all well and good but discourages those of us who have done it from helping you so wind your neck in and behave.
  14. **Edited for lack of brains**

    I Don't think it's a case of not helping people because it disadvantages the scheme. You are asked at the end of Main board not to divulge info like- what is on comd tasks etc.. which is fair enough, I think.

    I believe the posts that refer to "withholding of information" are, based, usually, on the posters knowledge of military selection systems (there are indeed many posters and members on here who have been and still are involved and they do go out of their way to help-thanks to them for that). I can't criticise the amount of help I've gotten on here from bleep test tips to career advice.

    The reason people don't give out certain details is that it makes the procedure flawed and one must remember this- eg. what if I told you about all the command tasks we did, how to do them (in hindsight). The procedure will be flawed.

    So in the end just go, do it, enjoy yourself and do what I did: use these forums for advice, information and the odd laugh, and to share your experiences of things you've done with people who are doing them right now.

    Good luck!


    PS. I don't know why I'm in this reflective mood tonight- maybe its just the looming prospect of a summer with the army... Anyway goodnight.
  15. I think maybe I was less than courteous in my response yesterday, and I agree that there's nothing wrong with wanting information. But at the same time I feel that questions about really specific areas are sort of missing the point that AOSB is all about the whole person. It doesn't necessarily do to get hung up on the details. Of course, that's just one man's opinion.

    Anyway, the "grit your teeth and get on with it" school are basically right. The main board obstacle course is challenging but there's nothing on there that you should be unable to do if you're able to pass the fitness tests (and by the time you get to it, you will have passed them). Without wishing to denigrate the briefing course too much; I think even Rik Waller could have had a decent stab at it: The trickiest part is the rope swing at the end. And remember, you are thoroughly briefed on everything before you attempt it.