Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by kippler, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. Just thought I would try and see if posting a forum on here would convince the army to go back to manual accounting.

    I have recently done a time managemant study in my QM Dept. With the current Unicom situation being as it is i.e. the all singing and dancing GUI Unicom (He chokes on his words!!).

    It seems to me that UNICOM is getting slower and slower but the day!.

    A couple of examples:

    I did a receipt (supply on demand) - straight forward. It took me about 20 seconds to access the screen and input the data as required then pressed F9 commit. 2and a half minutes later I got a receipt number from unicom!!.

    To do a multi item clothing exchange took me nearly 15 minutes!!

    In short to do 2 simple transactions took nearly 20 minutes, wheras if I were still using manual accounting would have taken me about 2 minutes!!

    Calculated over a week I actually only work just over half a day !! and spend the rest of the week waiting for unicom!!

    Is there nothing that will convince these people its a waste of time and money !!
  2. I'll bet the winter nights just fly by in your house.
  3. Do a manual ammo account, then decide which is best.
  4. No great lover of Unicom as I don't use it, but after you have written your manual demand you still have to post it, have it delivered and acted on. At least with Unicom once you've spent 20 mins or so on the action you described, its already at the other end!
  5. You obviously havn't experienced the Joy of a unicom ammo account!!

    Don't get me started !! LOL

    An exceptional example of how to make something simple REALLY COMPLICATED.

    As for having to post your demands etc, at least you know you have actually sent them. and then you can get on with something else.
  6. Got to go with Kippler on the ammo account. We tried it and it may be ok for SAA and the odd bit of pyro, but it was total crap for our high turnover of everything from SAA to heavy natures(including Milan and 155mm).
  7. 1. Where the blue bloody blazes were you running an ammo account that held those natures - these are not for a unit storage which UNICOM is designed for.

    2. UNICOM is poor for all ammo it has difficulty with BKI/Workdates and Specific ADACs.
  8. @ dingerr -

    Ours is a unit storage account, not DM (although as you may have guessed its not a normal 25kg NEQ magazine) and we told the hieracy that UNICOM was'nt suitable, but they insisted that we try it. We did and proved that it was'nt suitable.

    Hopefully UAMS II will be an improvement.
  9. Ammoman get a copy of ACAS2 from HQLAND, its written by the same bloke that did DeMAS, hell of a lot easyier, and the Unicom is ok , do prefer GUI thou easyier to do MIR's in an hour on the laserprinter than 2 days on the dotmatrix
  10. Your asking for alot of trouble using ACAS2 for a Unit Ammo Acct and i'm not sure that Land will agree to it being used for such.

    There is no training course for it, only the user manual, which is not very comprehensive.

    And unless you have an Ammo Tech on strength running it accurately to reflect the Ammo stock, it is going to be a pain in the arrse.
  11. You get to got to HQLAND and get trained by the guy who wrote it, its pi$$ easy anyway, and dont need AT for any of the process what so ever, I used it to run the FI account.
  12. The gentlemen in question has left and i believe you had AT's in the Falklands, which is not a unit store, but a compound, Hence it is now on AMANDA.
  13. DesktopCommando, thanks for the tip about acas2, but we're happy with manual and we find it quicker. Unicom is consequently consigned to a dusty top of locker location. We are shortly going to be using UAMS2, well once we get a DII terminal(only been waiting 2 years and the IT bod always says "we're working on it, it will be here next month. Yeah right).