Loony Yanks

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by TheLordFlasheart, Dec 26, 2005.

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  1. It appears the US is attempting to snatch back the World Land Speed Record from the UK with this project! It's an F104 Starfighter with its wings hacked off (not that you would need to as it didnt have much in the way of wings in the first place).

    Mad as a mad thing!


    If they do succeed, I'm going to do my own attempt.

  2. The Yanks don't have a monopoly on lunacy...

  3. If ever there was a good use for a caravan!!

    Perhaps this one should be on the urban myths thread, god blesm him!

  4. Flash that was some awesome PSP work, I reckon you have a plan, after all the lightning would pi55 it no bother! As I seem to remember didnt Thrust 1 use a Lightning engine? What do you reckon the max running speed of that Ifor Williams trailer is tho lol
  5. Its OK, they are ZR rated tyres. :lol:
  6. Lets bring on the Beast! I know of one in full running order not too many miles away! Mind you seen as the runway has been eaten up by agri-business might have to be a short run! but boy does she roar!


    Woohoo ! What a gorgeous bit of kit! pi55 allover the poor Spam effort!
  7. Why not go the full hog and resurrect this,which I understand, when flying to BAC Warton, went supersonic on one engine and left the chase lighting for dust on even on reheat. 8)


    That would be the ultimate revenge as it was the septics F111 that caused the cancellation of this beauty in the first place. :) 8)
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Didnt w*nker Wilson's Govt try to destroy the tooling and prototypes for this yet one emerged at Duxford?

  9. Is that the REME recruiting trailor in the background??
  10. From the Landspeed.com website:

    No bitterness there then :D

    Link: http://www.landspeed.com/projectoverview.asp
  11. is that the same car used by the f*ckwit for his insurance claim whilst wrapped in roll mats and matresses? got the right name on it
  12. To answer Ugly, one of the TSR 2 Prototypes was used as a range target a Shoeburyness!

    Luckily 2 others survive 1 at Cosford, 1 at Duxford? plus a cockpit section at Brooklands. Much research data
    was supposed to have gone into the Tornado project showing how advanced it was.

    Maggie T looked at resurrecting the project in the 1980s, but it was too late, and the F111, that we did not buy in the end, turned out to cost more than the TSR 2 would have. The stop gap replacement for both F111 and TSR 2 (Buccaneers transferred from RN) being the very aircraft criticised by RAF and used to demonstrate the need to start the project in the first place! :roll:

    What "US resources" did the Thrust team use apart from local hospitality and a flat bit of dirt? :roll:

    To my understanding the first and current supersonic land speed record holding car was a truly British project full stop.

    Perhaps the septics should paint thier car green for envy? also that they stick to the rules unlike in 1979 and just go ahead and claim the title anyway!
  13. The LE's Vehicles are lined up ready for their attempt at the record !!!!!!1

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  14. The yanks have always claimed they had a car go supersonic useing the motor from a SideWinder or several Windei. Car did one run and they had probs for return run and their was no offical FIA timers there with their specialised equipment, so no record.
    TSR 2 grown men known to weep over that one.
  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    The late Slammin' Sammy Miller's Vanishing Point, powered by an engine from the Lunar Module.


    With roughly 25,000 BHP to play with Vanishing Point made all others look like toys.
    0-60 mph 0.16 seconds
    0-100 mph 0.36 seconds
    1/8 mile record 1.60 seconds 319 mph
    1/4 mile record 3.58 seconds 386 mph