Loony anorak things people do

One of the blackpowder shooters at my club has, frankly, just gone too far.

He loads blackpowder 303 for his Metford sporter by slowly packing the powder in around a central pin and then very carefully removes the pin to get as close as possible to the original pellet of black. In this manner he can get 75 grains into the case, which he then tops off with a 180 grain H&N plastic coated copper washed POS spitzer. he probably either destroys the structure of his "pellet" by crushing it slightly, or doesn't touch it enough to hold its structure completely.

Does it perform better than filling the case and compressing a bullet onto it? Does it perform better than my subsonic cast bullet nitro loads in a Metford?

Does it feck.

I can understand doing this as a one-off experiment, but he appears to do it all the time...



Originally the cases were loaded with the pellet and compressed, the neck of the straight walled case was then squeezeed to form the sholders and neck before a bullet was inserted. Cordite must have seemed a sensible option!
Cordite was inserted the same way


But a lot safer than applying a shoulder crimp with black powder eh?
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