Looneys - 0, Dog - 1

I've read some stupid things in my time, but this isn't in the Daily Wail, its the BBC. But come on people, is the western world still this backwards? I do undertsand that the folk mentioned in here are Very religous, but this takes the biscuit!

Oh, love the way the culprit (That did nothing wrong) escaped, but I'm sure it used some sort of old power magic to flee the authorites! -

BBC News - Jerusalem rabbis 'condemn dog to death by stoning'
Crikey! Poor old Fido. Fancy having to live with a lawyers soul.
Israel's in the Western world?
They like to think so they even went as far as to copy a big wall the West Germans used to like to paint. Meanwhile down the road in Iran if you're going to get stoned best put a beard on as they only bury you upto your waist and if you can get away your free but if your a woman (even a bearded one) its upto your shoulders you go. Religion it all makes common sense to your average 2000 year old.
What's this? A lunatic behaviour inspired by religion, 6 posts in, and still nobody's blamed the Muslims?

What is ARRSE coming to?

...Is that better? =-D
At least you wouldn't run out of stones, the dog would keep bringing them back to you!!!
They must be yidding or barking mad.

or muslem?

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