Looks like youve been had over again!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by western, Nov 22, 2006.

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  1. http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/article-23371606-details/Labour+'betray'+our+soldiers+by+cutting+their+front+line+allowances/article.do

    Nice little earner?

    Thousands of British troops including SAS soldiers have been 'cynically betrayed' after frontline allowances were reduced behind their backs.

    The cuts have been uncovered by The Mail on Sunday less than a fortnight after Tony Blair and Ministers boasted they were paying tax-free bonuses of £2,240 to soldiers in danger zones like Iraq and Afghanistan.
  2. Old news......NEXT?
  3. Yep, didn't check the date on the article, just the page which had to-days date on it. Oh well doesn't affect me anyway.
  4. For Des Browne to say that he had no idea smacks of incompetence beyond belief.

    After much pressure, the government finally announced the package two weeks ago that would have made a real difference to our forces. Given the sensitivity of the announcement two weeks ago, it would speak volumes about our SoS Defence, not to instruct his many minions to keep him informed of any changes to forces pay and conditions that could then rise up in the media.

    So, two weeks later, exactly that. Coming hot on the heals of rumours that Mr Blairs "our forces will get everything they need to do their job" words were little more than another sound bite.

    This government appears to be answerable to nobody, with the vast majority of ministers proving time and again that they are not fit to hold the post granted to them by Blair.

    Absolute shower of incompetents, who, whilst asking that our forces do their jobs, are useless at their own.

    Fu*k off now Tony, and take the rest of your sound bite cabinet with you - you've become a national embarrassment.
  5. To be fair...what am I saying? To be fair to a minister in Blair's government??? Why bother?

    Anyway...to be fair, the two issues are completely unrelated. If you read between the lines, the reduction quoted: "those deployed on two six-month tours over two years will have their payments reduced from £6,679 before tax to £4,338, a loss of £2,341" equates to the two stages of the LSSA bonus, the abolition of which was announced over 6 months before the op tour bonus was brought in. The LSSA bonus was designed to compensate individuals who were posted between units that would be conforming to unit harmony guidelines (!) and who might suffer extra separation as a result of a badly-timed move. When whole units started getting the LSSA bonus (because harmony guidelines were routinely being breached), it was replaced by levels of LSSA that rise to (as I recall) nine levels higher than the previous highest level.

    It is therefore disingenuous to suggest that this is a case of "give with the left hand, take away with the right." And it all happened well before Des Browne took over, even though that is no excuse for ignorance - he should have done some research.

    And no - I'm not a member of the SPS in disguise, but I was in a unit where we all got the LSSA bonus.
  6. The original issue was about tax rebates for those deployed. However, it is obviously much cheaper to give everyone the equivalent of the most junior soldier's tax rebate and dress it up as a tax -free bonus based on private soldiers. Nice little saving for HM Treasury.

    Of course seniors and officers don't do very much on ops and deserve to pay tax at a much higher rate..........