Looks like things are going to get nasty again in Ulster

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by compoman, Jul 28, 2012.

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  1. It appears that all the offshpots of PIRA with the exception of the continuity IRA have now joined forces under
    a single leadership all promising to abide by the constitution of PIRA.
    Looks to me that we will be back there patroling again before long.
  2. I'd have thought after 9/11 one of their main funding areas wont be as willing to cough up so I doubt it'll be anything sustainable.

  3. Nope.
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  4. They do have an uncanny knack of finding funding
  5. Surely they would need the support of the people of Northern Ireland to keep up a sustained terror campaign. Is there much popular support for this type of action left in NI? I imagine the people prefer not having their towns and cities getting blown up every week.
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  6. Drugs, prostitution & extorsion is there main route for funding........that s why they are against the peace process, it puts them out of a job
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  7. It was the blair govt that capitulated to terrorists, I don't think cameron will follow. That said, I think this might finally destroy the republican movement because everybody is well sick of their pathetic antics.
  8. You forgot the smuggling. Doubt if they much into prostitution, there's only so much money you can get for a Trinity freshman's spotty arse.
  9. You'll never see troops back on the streets here. Well, at least not British troops.

    And frankly, I wouldn't underestimate the level of support available to them, whether tacit or active, locally. Ditto the international "supporters".
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  10. Was up in ballykinler yesterday and saw a police snatch, I wish that I was able to say it belonged to a nubile and stunning naked female police officer, but I am unfortunately referring to those land rover snatches that you NI vets would be acquainted with only instead of being army green it was painted white with a nice florescent line down the side. Why do I mention this well not only is it the first time I have seen one, the reason that it's down in bally k is that the psni are down practicing their riot training for the up and coming apprentice boys parade in Londonderry, which of course is a hot spot for those dissidents reforming into a new group. Normally the apprentice boys parade is a relatively peaceful affair, especially in recent times, however this time it seems the police are expecting significant trouble in Londonderry

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  11. The Snatch isn't police, they have plenty of Tangis and Pangolins, you will find it has other users.
  12. Well when it kicks off again, instead of getting our own arrses involved at the sharp end, perhaps we should just ask for UN assistance. Would the IRA really want to go bombing and shooting Yanks, Canadians etc in the hope that there is a British squaddy in the mix? And when the rendition flights start to Guantanamo can't we just have an unfortunate UK airspace radar malfunction?
  13. The Republic looked for a UN force in 1969 and it was shot down.
  14. That's the likely outcome should it go that way again... And I don't think NIRA (New IRA) would give a toss what country the troops came from.