Looks like the USMC is buying up the RAF's Harriers

U.S. To Buy Decommissioned British Harrier Jets - Defense News

Apparantly the USA is buying up all the spares for our harriers for $50 mil while a final price for the 74 planes has yet to be settled. according to the site the GR9s will be altered to US specifications and replace some of their older hornet squadrons rather than just as a collection of spares.
I hope the MOD get a decent price for the fleet of them although its a buyers market i'd imagine for 74 RAF harriers. shame to see them finaly go though as they might not have had the bomb load or speed of the Tornado or Typhoon but they were always a charming little plane in my opinion and always nice to see at an airshow.
Now i see why my search didn't turn up anything, just thought it was worth posting as it now seems a bit concrete over the normal pro or anti sharkey stuff that roles around the harrier.

Whos yokel jarrod or am i missing something?

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