Looks like the handbags are out for John Terry!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sebcoe, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. FFS this case is possibly on of the weakest cases going through the high court, all this shoite because of a heat of the momment comment, Anton Ferdinand should just grow a pair......Racist my arrse, if Terry was a "Racist" then he would nt be playing football at all...........some cnut is trying to make a point......cnuts
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  2. Bob Wilson: What about that Rummenigge?

    Cyril Regis:(coldly) What rumour's that Bob?
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  3. I couldn't honestly care less about this case. I couldn't give a fuck what was, or was not, said.

    If the other players, of the non-swimmer variety, complain about what's said to them on or off the park, then perhaps they should man the fuck up, or kill themselves.
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  4. Ferdinand didn't report him, a member of the public did.

    Plus, obviously, John Terry is an epic cunt and scum much like the rest of his family and would almost certainly be thieving and dealing drugs like them if he wasn't a 'footballer'. He may not be getting quite as much Scouse cock as his mum enjoys though.
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  5. I was called a bald welsh twat after I tackled this jock get some fisty cuffs started and quickly end(playing Rugby)..... a hand shake at the end of the match.....bezzers after the beers......the soft cnuts
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  6. Perhaps Terry should grow a pair. If he did make those comments in "the heat of the moment", then HE should man up, come clean and take what's coming to him. After all, it would only be a fine, wich he can easily afford.
  7. Then that "Joey Public" should be in the dock for wasting fecking oxygen and being a nosey cahnnt
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  8. Doesnt make him a Racist though!!
  9. Which reminds me PA.How is your latest application to the Diplomatic Corps coming along?
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  10. From today's Telegraph.

    The court heard that Terry told Ferdinand to "f--- off" and also called him a "f------ k---head" as the pair exchanged insults.

    What is missing from a "k---head" ?
  11. In Terrys case Wayne Bridge's Missus??
  12. Kunt head? No one said literacy was a strong point with wogball players.
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  13. N.O.B. :-\\\\
  14. Whats the world coming to we all know that the Ferdinand brothers are a pair of FBC's, it just so happens that one of them plays for a big club and the other plays for Man U.Why car'nt they be like Andy Murray and just get on with it Chuffing Jock cnut.
  15. I'm through to the final interviews. I hope it's not a panel of darkies.
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