Looks like the DPRK are ratcheting things up a gear

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Fingerz, Dec 15, 2010.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. Last time, they only informed Beijing at H-30.

    Israel to China's US - a bunch of ***** who cause more trouble than they're worth but can't be ditched for historical/ideological reasons.
  3. I suspect China's minime is starting to be more trouble than it's worth now.

  4. Difference is the Chinese are very practical and efficient, and if they deem the North more of a hinderance then a benefit I have no doubt they will ditch them. There is already plenty of evidence that the Chinese are trying to distance themselves from the North. The US has a large pro-Israel lobby, China doesn't have to deal with such things.
  5. In the 2 Thai English language newspapers yesterday(14th) Dear Leader Kim Jong Il is threatening the South with nuclear war.

    It seems Dear Leader is intent on going out with a bang rather than a whimper.

    The prospect of a major conflict in North East Asia in the near future is rising.
  6. I wonder. The Dear Leader, along with his dad, the Great Leader, have been gobbing off about it for years. I think they're Nuclear Armegeddon Walts myself. To be fair, I would be well fcucked off if my dad called me Kim. Out of order.
  7. I hope you're right; we can't cope with heavy snow, never mind a Nuclear Winter.
  8. I bet china want rid of kim but don't want a horde of refugess or US tank regiments parked on their border.
    **** knows why the spams would want to put forces next to china but who knows
  9. They do have to deal with the uncomfortable fact that their support is the only thing that the DPRK really have left to lose. They are uncomfortably aware that, if they withdraw it, their heavily-armed and hair-trigger paranoid former protege will have nothing left to lose.
  10. China's been pushing DPRK in private to adopt some form of Deng-style 'reform and opening' of their own. The Old Guard don't particularly like the idea, so it will come down to how much the new guy in Pyongyang can impose his will or have it imposed for him.
  11. What we need is a big aircraft carrier to convince the DPRK not to f#ck with Britain!

    mumble mumble, punch above our weight, mumble, sea power etc...
  12. It would be nice to think they care. I think we figure about as much in DPRK's strategic calculations as France do.
  13. Let's hope they cock it up & because they had a bit of a damp squib last time,they overdo it and sink their stupid cold war relic of a country!
  14. Of all the countries I would love to visit, DPRK is the top. I find it weirdly appealing. A nation frozen in time like a prehistoric mosquito in amber. I am a huge fan of socialist realist art, and no matter what you think about the country, it it impressive by any standards. The mass games at Arirang and the DPRK/RoK face off on the 58th parallel are good examples of alternative tourism.

    Beats the shit out of Magaluf in my book
  15. D'you know, I've had the feeling for years that the place would make a fantastic theme park. If it isn't one already, that is.