Looks like its started.


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Just heard on the BBC;
"Police in Wales have warned that throwing snowballs is 'anti-social behaviour' after a schoolboy had a tooth knocked out."

As had been rightly pointed out the introduction of ASBOs has become another way for 'laws' to be enacted arbitrarily.

No deails yet on the age of the lad who lost the tooth, but if he's a lightie he'll get another soon enough, if older - well the real world is a spiky place and things like this happen. It's called 'life' - get used to it.

How long before playgrounds are classed as places likely to engender anti-social behaiour ?
In Ashford we had a 13 year old girl arrested & issued a caution last year for throwing a snowball which missed its intended target & hit a parked car. I think it was reported in the scum or that other rag at the time aswell. My 6 year old daughter is always coming home from school with letters saying such & such is now banned so please don,t bring any into school. Its a sad sorry state of affairs when kids are prevented from being kids. I blame the ambulance chasers who encourage people to sue for anything nowadays aswell as bLIARS nanny state gestapo. Mind you as our population gets older & older I can see more stupid laws being introduced as the OAPs complain more about them young whipper snappers up to no good. Footy in the street has been banned on my estate for a while now.

Regards LT.
The kids at my youngests school are banned from even touching the snow FFS!!

When I questioned this I was told it was to prevent the possibility of frostbite(!) and to prevent the children from making snowballs that may injure themselves or others. If it snows they are allowed to either a) play only on the rubberised play area that has been cleared of snow by the caretaker prior to playtime or b) stay inside at play and dinner times.

If I thought that he'd understand the sarcasm, I'd send him to school wrapped in bubble wrap and wearing a mountaneering helmet.
Then again some kids chucked one at my car driving along last year - the stone inside meant I paid £50 excess for a new windscreen! Bugger.

To think we used to play in the street when we were little....no chance of the kids being kids nowadays!
It's a load of nonsense.

Kids throwing snowballs at cars and windows etc should be pursued by the boys in blue. Kids throwing snowballs at each other in a spirit of horseplay should be ignored.

If this distinction needs to be pointed out to the forces of law and order, then how stupid are they?


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W.Anchor said:
I think they should issue an ASBO against God for making the snow white
How dare you insinuate that it was God who made snow and not a deity from a non-Christian religion !
Political corectness gone mad.........

I bet they have a civil service department for PCness now as I don't know where these stupid ideas are coming from.
dan_man said:
Political corectness gone mad.........

I bet they have a civil service department for PCness now as I don't know where these stupid ideas are coming from.
It's a sign of an organisation becoming divorced from the population. "When I was a lad..." there were police houses everywhere and the PC was a local chap. Now they attend conferences where their ideas are aligned to the latest cr@p idea and since all mindsets are the same no one thinks "hang on, this is cr@p". Boys at the top I mean. Same with local authorities. They've lost the ability to be critical.


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