Looks Like Ireland want to lose the eurovision this year.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Abdiel, Feb 12, 2011.

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  1. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Well, seeing as we are bankrupt, we have unleased a professional boyband on the case. So, with the Olympics costing an absolute fortune, the Footy (thankfully) going to nations with bigger pockets and up-front bribery and an economy trying desperately to follow the rest of Europe (sans Germany), we are trying to waste more moolah on these cunts:


    But its not all bad news. Their former manager has said their reputation will be in tatters when they lose. Which they will, unless the rest of the EU paupers connive to fuck us up even more by forcing us to host it in 2012.
  2. Blue are back together? FFS Someone shoot me now, end my suffering, please!

    Ireland trying to lose is nothing new, we do it all the time, except sometimes we are so shit the europeans reckon we are good and end up bloody winnin it!
  3. 'kin 'ell!! The Irish have only gone and found a winning strategy really then haven't they =-| Jedward.... urgh.. I feel a little bit sick in my mouth now.
  4. Do you think they'll be singing My Lovely Horse?
  5. What do you call a paddie woman with two cunts? Jedwards mum
  6. I want to shower you with sugar lumps! And ride you over fences! ...*cough* sorry got carried away there... Aye sure why not everyone knows the words, can all sing along in the pub!

    Edit to my previous posts ; substitute "we" for "they" I just realised I'm from NI not ROI haha :-S
  7. MY lovely lovely horse
  8. We have to lose that sax solo!!
  9. Like a train in the night.
  10. Maybe there is more to this than we know. It could be that the Irish are laughing as they send Deadwood over to Germany to perform their single dipstick.
    Maybe half way through their act they will do something sensational, like when Bucks Fizz ripped off their skirts. I was thinking that they may have a small combustible device secreted in their hair and both deadwoods hair will simultaneously burst into flames. They will then continue to sing along with a foot long flame coming form their hair and resembling a bunsen burner.
  11. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    I know creationists don't believe in Darwin, and have created their own theory called 'intelligent design'.

    Well, based on Jedward, I would like to change the theory to one of 'unintelligent design' - the thought that the creator got out of bed with one almighty hangover, was unable to concentrate and created something entirely useless.

    Jedward are a prime example of this - being a pair of manufactured tits with no brains or singing ability between them.


    Note: Jordan may well be an earlier prototype, also being a pair of manufactured tits with no brains or singing ability...
  12. Come to think of it...

    What shithouse are WE sending up for Eurovision this year?
  13. Blue the mouthbreathing fisters
  14. Blue :-(...