Looks like Gadget has left the building

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by The_Seagull, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. His blog's been deleted and there's this bit from the Guardian.


    I know there's a few arrsers that contribute to the blog but the worrying wider issue is the clamping down on anyone who's not an "official" police blogger, twitter poster, of Facebook poster.

    Whilst blogging isn't so big in the army I'm sure there's a few that comment on Facebook and twitter. I wonder if they'll be next.

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  2. If anonymous bloggers want to retain their anonymity they should probably start considering using a proxy-server based outside Europe when they post.
  3. So not even the pigs are all equal.
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  4. Nope. Four legs good, two legs better.
  5. I'm surprised that he lasted so long. Senior officers don't like criticism of a system that put them in place or of practices which they invented or supported.
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  6. He's just been promoted. He's now one of the mindless bureaucratic nightmares he's been blogging about for years

    Promotion buys loyalty

  7. Gosh, another blogger down. It's a tragedy.
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  8. Always my first read on any legal/justice/coppers are c+nts current story washing around the media

    Proper shame

    eta......are there any "undercover" soldier blogs which are of a similar standard?
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  9. I think he's retired,

    though it's very strange that the entire blog has been deleted instead of just locked

    Possibly he has retired and wants to avoid any follow up of 'Misconduct in a public office' which seems to be the catch all offence of 'doing something the senior management thinks attracts bad publicity'
  10. Another triumph for freedom of speech. This is what happens when you plant common purpose bed wetters in senior police positions. There is FAR too much politics in polcing nowadays (copyright: St Tony of Blair) and not enough effin policemen. It seems that the Professional Standards Departments are to be used as Kommissars intent on stamping out all dissent and making sure that only the 'Official Line' is promulgated. I bet, in any force in the UK, that the amount of officers 'employed' in H&S, Equality & Diversity, Community Effin Relations and assorted guff is equal to the amount they actually put on the streets.

    My local rag is running a campaign to get the local Division of Kent Plod to disclose how many plod are actually out and about during the wee small hours. That information has been declined by plod on 'Public Interest' grounds (ie: the public would wee themselves if they realised there were two guys in two cars to cover south east Kent!
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  11. Personally I think it is a massive loss. I looked forward to his blogs which apart from being funny were a chance to open up the job to the public, warts and all.

    The only people who gain from this are those who don't want to be criticised or shown for what they are in public.

    Hopefully he will be back.

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  12. Doubt it, his last post before deleting everything was "This jobs F*cked!". Hardly the action of someone basking in the glory of promotion. They've been after him for years and I wouldn't put it past them to have passed his site to an Int Anaylst with the order 'find him'.
  13. Did you say........Kent?

    I think the public would have a shock if they knew how few plod were available to deal with calls. It's a truth that the management don't want to see get out. It was bad when I left (though not that much better here) so I dread to think what it's like now.

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  14. You thought I was being serious?

    I take it weren't in CID then?
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