Looks like Democrats take the House

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BoomShackerLacker, Nov 8, 2006.

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  2. Yep more compulsive than ARRSE watching the results come in
  3. Tis indeed... looks like it's all down to Virginia!!!

    Did chuckle at this material for conspiracy theorists:

  4. and Karl Rove is toast!
  5. And Daniel Ortega is President of Nicaragua!

    George W is not looking good :lol:
  6. But don't misunderestimate George W :D

    What's the relationship between the House of Representatives and the Senate? Do both have equal say in whether bills are passed? Could a Republican Senate block a Democrat House of Reps? :D
  7. House of Representatives controls the money......snigger and can hold investigations into dubious conduct (Iraq rebuilding anyone?)
  8. What would be their agenda? The Republicans promoted a democracy worldwide. So the Democrats would promote republican form of governance in such countries as Saudi Arabia Jordan, United Emirates or Quwait.
  9. Yes, though I think it's going to be 50-49 for the Ds. As long as Pelosi doesn't try a new "Assault Weapons Ban." Hopefully the D's learned from the last time, when they got turfed out as a result.

    On other (local) news, the Governator has absolutely terminated Angelide's challenge. Tom McClintock looks like taking the Lt Governor's slot, which surprises me as I thought he was a bit too far to the right for California. Jerry Brown has pretty much demolished Chuck Poochigian. I'm a little surprised at that, in the race for the State's Top Cop, the person presiding over the US's third-most-dangerous city has beaten the chap who has the endorsement of the majority of law enforcement types. Must be the name recognition.

    The abortion notification bill is suprisingly close, but is leaning towards being defeated. The tax-on-oil one looks like it's shot shot down reasonably thoroughly. What surprises me is that the eminent domain bill is failing, 49.4% Yes, 50.6% No. Still time for that one to turn around. (What is it about the Democratic areas voting to allow Eminent domain for commerical use?) The large increase in cigarette taxes has also been fairly much demolished. All the bond measures have been approved. GPS monitoring for sex offenders is overwhelmingly approved. "It's for the children" wins over reality yet again.

    Elsewhere I see Michigan has voted against Affirmative Action. I approve. R.I. has approved voting rights for felons on parole and probation. AZ's further-than-most eminent-domain referendum has passed too. Good. (I still can't get over CA's one losing). English is now AZ's official language. The voter incentive initiative has been sadly defeated, however. (A random voter would win $1m: Talk about a way of getting people to the polls)

    PA's veterans are looking like they're going to get their $500 each.

  10. Forgive me for cribbing from Wikipedia, but I'm too lazy to type a response myself (what can I say, I'm a product of California schools):



  11. Hilary absolutely romped New Yoick.

    £20.00 on her this morning to be the next President I think.
  12. I thought Garamendi was leading? (I'm really only watching the L.A. Times site, it could be outdated.)

    If not, then I would hazard a guess that he ran a strong immigration platform? Among the California Republicans I know, that was the trigger issue since Iraq was no longer an "approved subject." I'd also guess that's effecting all the border states.


    Yeah, run with that. :D

    Edited to add: I'll see PTP's £20. I think it will be a cold day in hell before a majority of Americans (or their electoral college, anyway) are willing to put Mrs. Clinton in the White House.
  13. Get it on the barrel, there is a sea change coming in America

    I don't think anything can have been as disastrous for that great nation as this administration, even Clinton II.

    You think I should have a side bet on Leibermann? :D
  14. RTFQ


  15. Rumour control working overtime that the Dems. have taken Senate too. Is that possible?

    Oh, and well done Ms. Pelosi. First woman speaker, and a portent of things to come?