Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by debbie, Sep 27, 2003.

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  1. :) looking
    for someone still serving
    any suggestions?
  2. Difficult one Debbie. The security implications of your enquiry might be the main hurdle. You could try their respective MCM Div at the Army Personnel Centre, 65 Brown Street, Glasgow if you know their capbadge, alternatively try their Regimental Association or take out a small ad in Soldier magazine. If you know where and with whom they were alst serving, you could try the unit, although with the exception of the Soldier ad, you will have to explain why you are trying to contact them and who you are.
  3. You don't say if you are looking for some one new - who is still serving or looking for someone who you know who is still serving.

    If it is the latter try www.lostcomms.co.uk

    If it is the former, try standing outside your local barracks in a short dress on a Friday night.
  4. He isn't here or under next doors new car

    I will continue to look :D
  5. Checked my garden shed, but realised I haven't got a garden shed. Weird......, so I looked in the broom closet, but he wasn't in there. PM me you age and phone number and I'll help you find him.
  6. Ive just has a couple of new tyres on the motor, I looked behind the Pirelli stand and wasn't there either.

    Must apologise though, I forgot to look in the trolley jack store
  7. He has shacked up with Lord Lucan and BlondeBint. Ne'er to be see again
  8. Was he there?? Eh? Eh?? Don't keep me in suspense Mighty. This is just not fair..... WAS HE THERE !!??
  9. Went back across town as I couldn't relax fro wondering

    he wasn't there, but htere was a half empty pack of revels, which could be a clue

    In addition, have just checked the laundry basket, and wasn't there either
  10. MMmmmmm, half a pack of Revels yer say. Do you still have them? Can you send them to me?

    Just checked around the U-bend. Not going to discuss what I found.
  11. Have dismissed the revels as circumstantial

    In the meantime I have checked the bottom of my penny jar and under the rug in my grannies backroom

    alas nothing

    worry not, we will not be beaten
  12. MDN & Gunny
    Have you tried down the back of the couch ???
    When you are there can you have a look for me TV remote - cheers
  13. I'VE FOUND IT !!!!!!!!!!! :D
  14. OOPs, no I havn't, it was just a bit of fluff.

  15. Debbie,

    As we are caring and sharing here at ARRSE, in addition to the above searchers scouring every last nook, cranny and Revel packet in the UK, I have telephoned every Regiment and unit in the British Army and (alas and alack ) all say they have no one matching the description you have given. This is some what strange as it was such a good lead.

    Knowing how you feel about losing things (see post above regarding TV remote) I feel I should help you.
    So what you need to do is sit down in a quiet place and think. Go over in your mind when you last saw him, where were you?, what were you wearing (have you checked your pockets?) did you go any where? perhaps you left him at Tescos! or round at your aunties house when you went for tea last Sunday week.
    Have you telephoned the Police to see if he has been handed in? Or if you are a regular user of Public Transport try the local bus company lost property office.
    If all else fails go out and get a new one and as soon as you do he will turn up

    Black 'Empathy is my middle name' Hand