Looking to transfer into REME

Discussion in 'REME' started by bigscottyboy, Nov 22, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,I'm looking to transfer into the REME from the infantry.
    The jobs I'm looking at are Electronics Technician, Metalsmith, Vehicle mechanic (b) or vehicle recovery.
    I have done 8 years in the infantry but just don't fancy it anymore, I have allways had an interest in cars,and worked as an apprentice panel beater and worked in halfords in the past so would like to work with vehicles again.
    I have the english and maths qualifications required but no science :cry: I have a few other quals inc one that I got from halfords for wiring car stereo's where the iso connector is missing and fitting aux equipment to a feed from the battery.
    Is there any chance I'd be accepted for these courses?
    Is the time spent in training pensionable?

  2. I can't answer all your questions.

    Time in training is pensionable.

    I believe you will be ok without the science for VM RecMech and Mtsm (as a transferee), not sure about the Techs.

    I think you would be eligible for a £1500 transfer bonus for VM (unless this has changed recently).
  3. Oh yes, and don't admit to working in Halfrauds mate....there is nothing more guaranteed to lower your credibility :lol:

    Good luck with the transfer though, I would recommend VM but go A Mech, not B as we all know that they squat to p!ss :lol:
  4. If he's in the Infantry he's probably not fat enough to be an A-Mech.
  5. Try and persuade your boss to let you work for a few weeks in the LAD (or equivalent) if you have one. This will give you a much better feel for what trade you should go for and where you would feel most comfortable. It will also give you a lot of credits with the SPSO (or whatever they call it these days) if you have a transfer interview.
  6. i cant beleive for one minute this would not have happened already if he was looking at a transfer?? IIP and all that? If not his OC and RCMO need a fcuking....
  7. Good comeback mate, made me spit my tea LOL

    I must be a rarity then as I was never a fat A Mech ;)
  8. Looking to transfer to REME? Make like Dixieland and

    Lookaway Lookaway lookaway
  9. Thanks for the info guys (thumbs up smiley face)
    If anyone has anymore info/advice I'll be happy to listen.
  10. Recy Mech u won't regret it, i was in the infantry now a Recy Mech and haven't looked back!!!!!!!!1
  11. Try becoming a vehicle electrician, oops sorry some prick decided to do away with that trade, good luck.
  12. Tell the vetting officer that you idolise tiffies and you want to becum a tiffy some day. Actually its not too bad, you certainly get to furk al the fem craftys that cum into the wksp b4 anyone else.
    And the fem oc if yur in here quick.
    Phnarr phnaarr.
  13. BSB, get up to your local REME unit, have a good chat with the lads there, but in the end you've got to work out which trade you want. Go Armourer, and they'll bite your hand off (we're a bit short at the mo), and gives you the chance to go Tiffy later if you want.

    Main guy to chat to is the REME SPSO at HQ DEME(A), Arborfield - ring him up yourself if you want to chat about honest options. If you're honest and up front with him, he's a good guy and will help you out.
  14. That's 'cos the bolt in yer neck prevents yer turning yer head around.

    Edited for bad spoiling
  15. if you're wanting to do p coy or all arms cmmdo your best bet would be armourer as RM's have they're own vm's etc besides good machine shop ,precision eng experience for civvy street...but my advice do 22 or more and then live a life of luxury.