looking to re trade please helpr


ive applyed to re trade from Air Despatch to Tank Transporter and I have been provisionally accepted and now await a SPSO interview.

i know there is only one unit in the uk and thats 17 tank transport squadron based in bulford

please could you help as im unsure what units are in germany and and what the units are doing at the mo like deployments etc.

please help if you can thanks
I cant help you in respect of what Units are doing but can i ask why you dont want to fly around in Hercs throwing kit out and getting around the world and rather drive big slow trucks, see 1 part of Wiltshire and Germany with a tour of Afghan thrown every now and then, soon to be moving shit loads of ISO's and fucked vehicles?
Well who ever told you 17 Tk Tptr Sqn was in Bulford is talking shite. However 19 Tk Tptr Sqn is located in Bulford and 16 Tk Tptr Sqn is located in Fallingbostel (at the minute). You'll most probably end up on tour right up til the bitter end, as HET can be loaded with pretty much anything and is handy to have during a draw down.

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