Looking to re-join after Med discharge

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by mrglass, Sep 14, 2007.

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  1. Hi, I was md'd in 2005 through injury whilst an O/Cdt at Shriv. I currently hold a TA commission of the lowest order as an ACF AI. I'm not eligable to rejoin the regs due to my medical status, but was recenly told I may be able to slip the net into the TA. I live in Herefordshire so would like to join a local unit, preferably Sig Regt or another technical corps, hence using my professional skills (I run my own business in construction) and the degree the tax payer paid for (from RMCS). I would be seeking to join the TA as an Officer. Can anyone please tell me the best route to approach this? Would I need to do TCB, as I have already passed RCB many years back and technically hold a commission? Where are my nearest, most suitable units? Will I have to surrender my pension the Army currently pays me? Will my medical status prevent me joining?

    Any help or advise on this matter is greatly appreciated.
  2. What exactly is the injury?
  3. I broke my collar bone, which lead to repeated shoulder disslocation. The MO seemed to think I was also prone to ligament injuries (had knee (MCL) and ankle (achillees and ligaments) injuries whilst in). Had the ligaments in my shoulder tied up after I was discharged. My paperwork says I have some 'syndrome' Incompatible with service life. I never wanted to leave, but didn't get much choice. MO said I was basically to 'ropey' to start the CC.
  4. On your discharge documentation (the Medical Disharge Documentation F Med 19) it will state weither or not you are able to re join after a period of time, the ACIO can access these records from Bath, however, by your post it looks unlikely that you will be accepted for any form of service.
  5. What, Down Syndrome?

    What a mong!!!

  6. Yes, but apart from that, you're fully fit???

  7. i rejoined after being discharged P7U7 after being blown up in sarajevo.. 3 years y list and a lot a bloody hard physio im now a P3 soldier leaving the regs after 15 years and joining MPGS for a rest. :D
  8. Outstanding, I cant say any more than that.

  9. Are you really sure you want to "slip the net". Peoples' lives could at some point depend upon your physical health. Even if you're a cook or some kife. Wierd things happen in bad situations. Maybe you should consider the Nation's greater good before your own motivations. Sorry if it sounds harsh, but you have a moral duty here, as a holder of HM's Commission, as a soldier, and a rational guy. Perhaps you can make a difference with the cadets. Like throttling waltiness out of them the first time it rears it's insignificant and dirty head.Cheers
  10. FV, really, every situation should be taken on it's own merits, I know of at least 3 (amputees) who deployed to the Sandy Place, they all did their jobs admirably (some teeth arms), none of them put their blokes/muckers at risk, in fact, one was in the thick of it at Falluja (probably spelt wrong), if individuals are seen as a risk they will not be deployed, leave it to the Medical Services to decide and shut the F*ck up.
  11. I have to agree with longjohnsilver,

    i spent a long time at headley with "C" the amputee who deployed to falujah, and i would have no problems placing my life in his hands what so ever.

    I was also lucky enough to get well enough to deploy again. and i dont think there was ever a doubt in any of my muckers minds as to whether i would measure up.

    I would suggest, for your own benefit, work hard get fit and strong again, and as long as the AMS agree there is nothing to hold you back.

    Good luck
  12. Didn't see where it said amputee. Could have been a closed head injury, or a glass back, or degenerative disease like MS which can manifest new and potentially dangerous symptoms at a moment's notice,yeah? Anyways, did not mean to offend.
  13. None taken, however, you will note "amputees" is in brackets and is just an example, and I stated that each case should be taken at it's own meritts by the Medical Services, if they decide that an individual, afflicted or otherwise, is fit to deploy then so be it, my point is that in this day and age an affliction may not debar a soldier from deploying on operations and adding value to his Battlegroup, Unit etc.
  14. Agreed. My original issue was with the "slip by" comment. If someone (not implying this guy would) lies to the docs, then the docs can hardly determine whether or not that soldier would be a liability in a bad spotSemantics, I guess.
  15. Does the Term "One Army Recruiting" (OAR) mean any thing to you?? If you're not fit enough (medical or otherwise) to be a regular officer then you're not fit enough to be a TA officer. Remember as an AI you already hold a TA Cat B commission but you are NOT deployable , TA officers are deployable! Hope this helps clear the situation.