Looking to Re-enlist

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by naughty_nig, Jan 12, 2004.

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  1. Just after a bit of info/advice guys. Spent 4 years in the glorious RLC... Been out 2.5 yrs. Going through the idea of re-enlisting - possibly inf. What are the perils/pitfalls. I assume i'd have to go in fresh from phase 1 again.

  2. Why on Earth would you want to?
    It's the land of milk and honey here on civ-div.
  3. Milk and honey agreed, but it's not exactly exciting sat at the old desk everyday. Besides, I miss bein paid to play sport and slope off....
  4. >>I miss being paid to play sport and slope off....

    I think times have changed!
  5. More's the pity...