Looking to putchase something similar but in MTP can anyone help

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by dogguk, Feb 18, 2011.

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  1. Very interesting piece of kit, does anyone know where i could purchase one, or purchased one and found them anygood.

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  2. No WAH


    However no it MTP yet, I'm still waiting for the Daysac to be released in MTP/multi to get one
  3. What the fcuk? Is that what passes for webbing these days?
  4. yes you just loop it round your neck with para cord
  5. Contact some of the custom makers on the site...Boris90210/Bilbo Boy/Fatmimi they may be able to make something ..SIMILAR in multicam
  6. You mean they got rid of over the shoulder sandbags? Cheapest Assault vest I ever owned.
  7. Mate you get issued a day sack and man bag you really don't need to buy any more stuff.
  8. Contact Karrimor SF direct if you are serious about getting hold of one in MTP/Multicam. I think Aktiv8 are also something to do with them so it may be worth contacting them too maybe?
  9. Daysack has been out for a while.

    In many ways I prefer the design of the old Patrol pack, but the straps on the new one allow you to carry weight without cutting off the circulation on your arm.
  10. Not in MTP ever from a commercial source. MTP can only be used for issued items. Multicam - fill your boots from the custom makers listed.
  11. There’s always one that has to be pedantic

    That’s why I put MTP/multi
  12. I know I got shown one last year seemed a nice design mix between the mortar bag and the radio bag, but a nicer build, just waiting as the only choice is DPM/TAN and seeing as we're seeing the demise of DPM then the right choice is to wait.
  13. As has been said it's on issue now, maybe those side pouches will be available at a later date via the system in MTP or civvy wise in MC.
  14. I thought with the new issue daysac in the black bag they'd gone with something similar (cheaper) to the design but not quite the TECMAC as the army normally do with good designs.
  15. AFAIK it's made by Karrimor SF as was the Bowman Daysack