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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Liniert, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. Ok, im 20 and my life currently isnt going anywhere. i have no real social life, no qualifications (no GCSE's, but do have 2 ICT based qualifications which im likely to never use) and im overweight (by quite a bit). In March i was round a friends house and saw a magazine/booklet about life in the army and gave it a quick read and was hooked. i got a copy sent to me and must have read it for about 3 hours and watched the DVD several times and felt that its somthing that i feel could really turn my life around.

    i started exersizing and eating right and so far lost 4 stone, looking to lose another 8 (yea, i was that big) im on an exersize bike for 30 minutes a day and cut my food calorie intake for about 3/4 of what i normally ate in a day (not had a Burger, Curry or Pizza in months). im going to keep doing this, maybe increasing my daily exersize by walking a few miles a day (thinking about getting a treadmil to replace the bike, sitting on a hard saddle is not fun) but other than that, is there anything i can do now to prepare for any medicals/selectiion tests other than what im doing now?

    oh, and hi
  2. hi there.

    just wanted to say well done on dropping your weight you must feel great about it.
    well looks like your doing alot to get fit anyway try getting out doing some running too.

    good luck. :)
  3. 22 in January
  4. Fair play to you mate, all I can say is keep at what your doing and you will be doing selection in no time!
  5. dead on 18 last time i checked (2 weeks ago)
  6. your going to have to do a lot more than 30 minutes on a bike and a few miles walking if you want to get anywhere! start by running a mile or so at a comfortable pace then build it up until youre really pushing yourself. cardiovascular workouts will be good for losing weight and dont forget to include rest days into your programme!!
  7. Who ate all the pies?
  8. good for you, mate!
  9. Good effort fella.

    Go and get some advice from your doc and tell him what your target is. You are starting from a hell of a place, but it can be done. Don't buy a treadmill - go outside. Its where the Army work! Spend the treadmill money on the trainers instead - and at your size, you need to buy proper trainers for your weight (17 stone here). How about a bike instead of a treadmill? Outside is ALWAYS better exercise.
  10. wow nice one mate u must be really proud of yourself keep it up mate! ye i much prefer running outside to on a treadmill anyway cause on a treadmill its the same thing all the time. if your outside it changes. good luck mate. oh and have you been to your local AFCO yet?
  11. i live 10 minutes walk from a large park, so i may well do that instead and the bike is an idea ive never thought of before so i may look into getting one of those aswell. thanks
  12. have you been down to your local armed forces careers office yet? they can give u good advice aswell.
  13. not yet, i want to get down to a "respectable" weight before i go down there. If for some reason i cant get into the army then i would more than likely lose nearly all motorvation for losing the weight so im going to get down to about 12 to 13 stone and go down there then.
  14. oh ye fair enoough like so even if you don't go to the army you would have lost the weight and feel much better about yourself. well done mate. some people won't make the effort that you are pal nice one keep it going. :)
  15. Fair play Mate!! Congrats on loosing that kind of weight!!

    Rather than going into your AFCO to have a chat. Go in and get an Army Fitness poster. Not only will it help you get fit/fitter, and upto the selection standard, you can loose weight whilst doing it.

    Just a thought.