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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Sir_Spankalot, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. Im looking to join a TA Signals unit whilst im at Bristol University. Im hoping to join the Regs when i leave but think this will be a good experience for me. Can anyone give me some ideas of which would be a good unit for me to contact?
  2. 43 sqn voluteers and HQ (V) at bath TA centre is quiet a good friendly unit and i believe there mey be something in bristol as well but don't quote me
  3. try 39 sig regt i belive they are in bristol
  4. 39 Signal Regt Horefield Common Bristol
    Not to far from the usual Uni Haunts of Clifton
  5. Many thanks guys
  6. If you are going to Bristol University, and i assume that by that you have GCSE's and A-levels, then why if you intend joining the regulars, arent you joining the UOTC at Bristol Uni and looking at going Officer entry??

    Dont get me wrong, i wouldnt know joining 39 Sig Regt, and admittedly the pay can be a bonus, however by the time you leave Uni you will have only just qualified for the full TA bounty, but the UOTC is integrated into the Uni and will offer slightly more benefits due to the budgets for Officer recruiting and development ;)

    Just a thought, however any queries you have on it, just give the RSM at Bristol UOTC a shout, he should still be there and he is Royal Signals ;)
  7. He could do the same by joining 39 Sigs Regt and going for a commission. The training is roughly the same (and same time scale - maybe quicker TA), you'll get paid more and get full bounty unlike OTC. You should get commissioned before leaving Uni, so you can then go into a tour if u wanted (as a TA officer)

    The biggest downside is 39 Sigs probably won't have as many social events.
  8. But why go TA when he has stated that he intends to go regular?

    Makes more sense to get his Officer indoctrination through the UOTC, finish his education whilst the UOTC paves the way for Sandhurst, and then do Sandhurst properly instead of getting a TA commission ;)

    Sorry for the logic behind that, however as an ex PSI and as a Regular recruiter, the TA wouldnt be the logical step in this case.

    However if its an extra source of income he is after to tide him over whilst going through Uni then the TA would be the better option.
  9. I understand your logic, probably similar to mine - I'd suggest TA as their would be more chance he'd stay TA whereas your thinking about producing a good regular officer.

    Probably the TA route would make him too familar with the troops plus he may know what troops get upto to avoid work and understand more of what they do (he'd get trade training - all 9 days of it).
  10. I have considered the UOTC and my intension is to get my commission. But whilst im at University, I have felt that I would rather join the TA and get some experience and tips from a variety of people. I know this may sound like a bag of old bull! But I come from a humble background and feel this would suit me better at this time. I might be wrong.

    Many thanks for all the help
  11. when it comes down to it you'll get more drinking and shagging done with uotc and if your at bristol lie to RAF types and tell them you want to join the RAF and get them to teach you to fly and then join the army anyway.
  12. You have answered your own question and that is the first step to be honest, if you are clear enough in your goal then by all means join the TA and get an education about the Army without having to commit to anything long term.

    However just bear in mind the pitfall too of joining a "voluntary" organisation that leaves you liable for deployment, granted your in education whilst in UNI, but what about getting called up at all?

    I do however think that it would be a slim to annorexic chance of that happening but its a possibility nonetheless.

    Best of luck in what ever you decide and when all is said and done, its the end result that counts :)