Looking to Join the AAC - Need help

I was wondering if anyone could help at all please.......

I am hoping to join the AAC as a ground soldier. I have done my BARB test and scored well.... There is one slight problem though, I am partially deaf in one ear, I am having a hearing test done by the hospital so I can be signed off by the Dr. I just wanted to know if anyone knows how well you need to be able to hear.. i.e the decibles I need in order to get through.

If anyone can give me some information I would so extremely greatful.
Thank you for your time.....
there are a few members / ex members of the aac on here that shall be more than happy to help you, they are very polite!

can we take it from your name you are a real lady?
You could try posting this in several forums, that'll help...

oh you already have...

Edited to say - I'll add the info you need later as it just went horribly wrong.
Hello there,

I am indeed a lady. I would be extremely greatful if you know of anyone who could give me some advice. I am waiting to have my hearing test from the hospital to see if I am medically fit to go forward to the next round. I have been training every night for the ADSC. This is my life long dream to get into the Army and I obviously would love to go for the AAC but if that is not posible due to my hearing then do you know if there is anything else I could do?

Thank you for your help.
See my post on one of your other numerous threads on this very subject,


War Hero
I've just seen your photo and regardless if you pass or not I will give a job working with me.....PM me for details....

Don't forget your mobile phone number.
Vital statistics.
Photo's in Night Club Disco kit, Swimware and finally Birthday suit

:love: :lick: ;P 8) :hump:
Dont bother with Ralfy, come to 1 Regt, your hearing problem will be an asset, as I wont end up getting disciplined for the revolting whispered suggestions in the BBC. It will be nice to not be on a register for a bit.

On the other hand Groovygunner could get there first, but he's got previous on this and I still cant work out how he manages it.
I think the hearing level is standard throughout the Army and not just applicable to branch. So if you get through to Selection and pass the Med you should be ok.
Hay up Taff...At least you are trying it on with a bird that at least has got her sight this time.......My what a brave boy you are :roll:

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