Looking to join TA RAMC in the North-East as an MSO - advice please



The thread title pretty much has it all. I understand how the training is done, mods 1, 2 and 3 then 4a and 4b at Sandhurst. My AOSB is next April, but I would ideally like to join as soon as possible to get stuck in and get into the field. I know of two regiments at least, 201 in Newcastle and 251, are there any others that anyone would particularly recommend at all? I've had a look at 201, and I don't want to go into detail but I wasn't impressed so I'm looking for an alternative. I would stress that this had nothing to do with the level of professional competency in the unit, in fact that was very impressive. Alternatively, are there any other non-clinical posts available in TA RAMC units other than MSO? Anyway, if anyone has any advice on where to go next I would be very grateful.
Are you transferring from somewhere? From your previous posts, it seems you've already done the training and commissioned.

I'm no expert, but in my unit at least, all those commissioned are doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. There are some MSO's, but these are late entry officers.

Although I dont know anything about you, I'm not sure what a direct entry MSO could offer to a field hospital? If you were eligable to, you'd be joining as a PQO, so I'm assuming you are not from a medical/AHP background?

I also assume you've been told that you can join as an MSO?

Anyway, you could try the nationally recruited units - 306 and 335.


OK, thanks for your advice. I've heard that a lot of LE officers become MSOs: not sure why though. I don't have a clinical background, you're right, but I'll try the two units you mentioned and see what they say.

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