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Morning all.

i'm a full time armed police officer based in Leeds and am looking to get into the TA and potentially UKSF(R) as I know there is a unit based locally. I'm 22, fairly fit (run half-marathons, martial arts instructor etc) and was wondering if anyone could offer me any advice or insight into what would be involved in Selection for a reserve, or if i'd be more suitable for another posting.

any advice would be welcomed

Never has the cliche 'you get out what you put in' been more true than in this case. If you want to go for something a little more advanced than your 'average' infantry unit then be prepared to give up at least every other weekend (and the weekends in between that on the hills) for at least a year plus one and sometimes two evenings a week. Any spare time that you find you have left will be spent doing phys. As well as fitness and character suitability, commitment is a major part of SF selection on it's own. I assume your job requires you to work shifts so i think you'll find it hard to juggle the time. A lot of part time SF soldiers are either self employed or 100% in the role (doing all the weekends and courses they can to earn a living), having said that there are also some with incredibly forgiving bosses and some with incredibly gullible bosses, but these are generally in the minority.
If you live in West Yorks try the Para TA at Pudsey the big building on the Round about road to Leeds & Bradford.

Is it 4 Para not sure not wishing to offend.

Or perhaps 4 Yorks

Hope this helps

Sorry you do live in West Yorks doh
BANDSMAN69 said:
Sorry you do live in West Yorks doh
I know, houses cost more, wages are higher, lack of skilled workers, too many classy shops, bars and restaurants, etc. I even had to put a shirt and jacket on to go to a pub the other week.


I've heard UKSF(R) takes up a lot of time and commitment. Their is a good book that described the process, it was published in the late 90's by a guy who'd been to Leeds University, I think he joined 4 Para in Pudsey and then 23 SAS - can't remember its name (anyone else) but he was doing marthons nearly every day.

Youv'e also got 4 Para in Pudsey, Para Eng in Wakefield, 4 Yorks on Regent Street and 269 Bty plus a Royal Marine det in Carlton Barracks. 269 may be the best place to start, I'm not exactly what the do but I think they've gone a bit sneaky beaky

The book is called `The Quiet Soldier` by Adam Ballinger. You are quite right, he was a student who went into SF(R) but strangely, once he got badged, he packed it in!!


If you PM me your address, I`ll send you my copy and you can return it once you`re done with it. It is quite a good read actually, and will let you know just what is required.

All the best
I think it was a different one, it was definatley Leeds(/23) not Oxford(/21). I pretty certain he was with Para's in Northern Ireland and did a few dodgy things on the side (More of a McNabb book - the book you have has several good reviews on amazon)
The book is shoot to kill by Michael Asher.

Tops book. He goes para, does para stuff, gets out goes to college in Leeds doing english. Joins 23 does SAS type stuff, bird shags someone else and then he joins the Special Patrol Group of the RUC. Thinks about suicide and just to ruin the suspense ....... he has written other books since, the real bravo two zero IIRC.

One of hte most interesting books I have read about chaps joining up, who don't quite fit in - ******s - only kidding !!

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