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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Calenture, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. I am really keen to join the TA, but my missus is worried about me being shipped abroad and being killed.

    If I sign up and recieve a call-out. What would happen if I refused to go.

    This is not what I want to do, but if I can show her that they won't drag me kicking and screaming, or lock me up for not going then I can work on that later, I am sure it is pretty common for peoples partners to be against them getting deployed.

    Any links I can show her would be great.

  2. msr

    msr LE

    If she is not happy about you joining, forget her or forget the TA.

  3. my reply to this would be WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE TA!? you do realise that it is a reserve force to be called upon for service by the regulars dont you?

    this means that the point of joining the ta is that you are willing to serve your country and deploy on operations if needed,since the Iraq invasion in 2003,anyone joining the TA can expect the possibility of being called up for mobilisation to be present.If you think its just for a laugh and a few weekends away on the lash and adventure trg then dont even waste the TA's time by turning up.

    If you are not prepared to serve on operations like Herrick then I suggest the ACF or even better the salvation army.
  4. Sorry if I was not clear. I have no objections to being deployed, to be honest I'd be quite keen to go. I know that given time my missus will come round to the idea, but at the moment she is adamantly against it. I was just looking of some way to re-assure her, (basically hoodwinking her.)

    I want to join the TA because my normal life is dull and unchallenging, I would like to test myself physically and mentally, I would like to make new friends in adversity and I would the opportunity to have experiences that are not available in civilian life.
  5. I'm in a similar position, I think its quite a common situation - life can be dull doing the same mundane job day in, day out so you crave a bit of action and excitement... But then the missus tells you that you gonna get shot... What do you do? Dump her straight off???

    Its a difficult situation to be fair...
  6. If you're in the TA you have a liability to be called out. If you're called out it will most likely be to get shot at. If you cannot commit to that then please, do not join. There are offences on the books that could see anyone refusing to go locked up; whether they'd be applied or not is another thing. But you'd have to live with looking into the mirror every day and knowing that when you were called you jacked it.

    However, at the moment the policy is that no-one gets called out until (in theory at least) they have volunteered to do so and their employer is happy. This can change - Veritas and the early Telics were all involuntary, and your guess is as good as mine as to if it will change.

    There is also the right for you and your employer to appeal against mobilisation on various grounds, after all there's no point sending an admin nightmare if you don't have to. Appeals may be disallowed for operational reasons though.

    All that said, if you can't volunteer to mobilise straightaway when you've joined then don't let that stop you joining. You're available to go involuntarily anyway and your circumstances will undoubtedly change, they always do.
  7. I want to join for the challenge, the excitement, the experience and the action..

    If going to war is part of that then so be it.
  8. Do not try and hoodwink your wife. Be honest with her and up front about why you want to join the TA.
    If you join then expect that there is the possibility of you being deployed, it's part of the job simple as that. It would like a fireman doing the training then deciding not to go into a burning house to safe people - a waste of time.

    It took me 5 years to convince my wife to let me join up again, but then she realised just how badly i needed to get back into uniform and i didn't fancy the regs again (that was an agreement between us and it's been good).
    She is well aware of the risks of me being deployed, i don't have a problem with it.

    If you try to lie, fib, hoodwink her, she will hold it against you for ever and a day.
    So be honest, show her that you are being open and it'll be better for all concerned.
    Since i've rejoined, she's noticed a good change in me, i'm happier, fitter and enjoying life more so maybe your other half will see that aswell.
  9. I couldn't have put it better myself! I know what you are looking for in your original question though and I would suggest that you do what I have/ am doing with my daughter and Dad who are both worried (my missus is concerned but is ok with it, as is my son by the way). Whenever possible deployment is mentioned I point out that I am more likely, statistically, to die / get injured on a night out with my mates or whilst driving my car than I am on operations. I don't have any links but look up how many people die of falling of ladders etc each year and then compare that to troop injury numbers: you'll be amazed at what statistics you can find to reassure her/ even give her a laugh. Try and make the statistics relevant to the job you do (eg. taxi driver - driving injuries/ muggings etc. I'm an estate agent and just point out how many people whould love to kill me every day!!! 8O LOL ). But above all; talk to your missus and involve her, she clearly loves you/ cares about you or is just a nutty cow with serious abandonment issues :wink:
  10. http://www.sabre.mod.uk/output/Page1.asp
  11. Why not tell the lad the truth - You will NOT be deploying unless you volunteer. There is NO compulsary mobilisation. You have a choice. One army my arrse! It's still a drinking club.
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