Looking to join as an electrician

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Greenie777, Jan 16, 2010.

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  1. Hey, I'm very interested in joining the army as an electrician but I'm not sure whether to look into the royal engineers electrician or the royal signals electrician.

    What is the difference?

  2. The royal signals have electricians?
  3. I would follow the RE route, purely on the knowledge that I know a good few lads who left the same time as me and have picked up good jobs with their quals and experience. Also they got to practice their trade a lot more than others, while serving.

    Thats my opinion though, and Im not entirely sure what a royal signals sparkie does or what qualifications/experience they get.
  4. Join the sigs and become one of gods children once you have your wings up. Join the sappers and you will be looked down on from every other unit in the british army. do the math
  5. Forastero

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    Tibsen, grow up and stay out of this forum.
  6. I doubt it unless it has changed a lot. We did have electrician/drivers whose job was to look after the generators, but I would not class them as electricians in the same way as a construction trade. The Signals do (did) have some pretty good trades but I think that the RE had more choices.
  7. if you want to be an electrician go RE if you want to drive, look after some generators and install FEPDS go sigs.

    i am an RE electrician and you get all of your C & G quals
  8. If you are looking for something that is usefull in civi street go for the RE I joined the REME as a technician and when I got out I found out that very few people had a tank parked in their back yard that needed it's fire control system fixed. Now I am a fully qualified Canadian Electrician the trades good and very well paid when your working.
  9. Go for the Engineers. Looks alot more promising and i'd assume you'll be doing a wider variety of things than in the Signals.
  10. That would probably depend on which scaley trade he picked. If you just mean the electrician one, I think you are spot on. There are (at least there was) some Signals trades that can give you a very varied career. But yes, if it is just a choice between the two corps' electrician trades, the engineers is probably a much better choice.