looking to join after uni???

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mh92, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. Hello,

    Was looking at roles, mainly in engineers, as doing a degree in GIS and there seemed to be a link. however my concern was i am severely visually impaired and I would see myself as unfit, although I don't look it. Just wondering what roles there are and are there 'less fit' roles that someone with a disability could do?

  2. your best bet would be to get yourself down to your local careers office sometime soon and chat to them, i wear glases (without them im nigh on blind) and my choices were taken away as i wasnt alowed to do them because of my uncorrected vision, however a new job list was created after ADSC and i was on my way. also be open anout what you want to do, there is a lot more to the jobs than meets the eye
  3. cheers, going to wait a bit a still got a few years at uni. what do you do? just so i can get an idea.
  4. Go to Sandhurst.
  5. If you are wanting to make use of your degree and want to become and officer, you will still need to pass all entry requirements. There is no easy route in as you put it. But for officer entry this section is of no use to you.
  6. All jobs in the Army require you to pass basic training. In order to pass basic training you will be required to maintain a good/high level of fitness. There are no jobs which are for the ''unfit'' but there are jobs where fitness is not a core requirement; an Infantry Soldier will be required to be fitter than one in the AGC, for example.

    You will notice that in the stickies that the run times required for some roles are as slow as 14 minutes, but running to that standard will not get you a good grade at selection and will slow the joining process down. Go join your Uni rugby team and get fit and get used to being pushed hard, should prepare you well for selection.
  7. I see what you did there (did you see what I did there?).
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  8. Exactly how bad is your eyesight? If you can't clearly identify your arse from your elbow then Sandhurst will snap you up!
  9. Not this one again FFS.



  10. haha
  11. LOL! I can do that.

    But I have Retinopathy of prematurity and my eyesight is very bad, will never be able to drive.
  12. Three things:

    1. Having a degree does not automatically make someone a potential officer.

    2. All soldiers must be fit (to an extent) and must be deployable on operations. The MOD does have specifically non-deployable staff who are not definitively required to maintain any sort fitness and may (in many cases) be physically disabled; these are called civil servants. I'm not suggesting all CS are disabled, but that being disabled is not necessarily a bar to becoming a CS, as it is to becoming a soldier. If you do join the army, you will be brought up to the minimum physical fitness standard in basic training.

    3. If your eyesight is so bad that you are medically barred from driving (even with glasses) it is extremely unlikely that you will meet the minimum eyesight standard required for entry to the Army (or other two services). However only a recruiter will be able to tell you definitely whether or not you are eligible, therefore go to a recruiting office and ask.

    Finally, if you do not meet the physical requirements to become a soldier, but still want to serve, you should consider becoming an MOD Civil Servant. Civil Servants generally do the jobs within Defence that do not require a soldier to do, but which must be done none the less.
  13. have you looked on the army website at their entry requirements?