Looking to join AAC

Hi folks,
I'm hoping to join the Army Air Corps (TA) and was after some advice from anyone currently serving.

Are they actively recruiting?
Is the phase 1 training in house rather than at an RTC?
Is it still one weekend a month for phase 1?
Are drill nights compulsory?
Which evening do you parade?

Thanks for your time.
Are they actively recruiting?

- Yes.

Is the phase 1 training in house rather than at an RTC?

- Nope - RTC. 677 Sqn send their people to 49 Bde at Grantham. Not sure about the 655 Sqn route.

Is it still one weekend a month for phase 1?

- Not sighted on recruit training.

Are drill nights compulsory?

- Not compulsory (we all have other commitments than the TA) but a reasonable attendance would help you get up to speed more quickly.

Which evening do you parade?

- 677 Sqn is Tuesday evenings, I believe 655 is the same.

Role and opportunities ?

- We deliver Juniors to the Regular AAC capable of re-arming AH on OP HERRICK. We are trained to do refuelling also but the RAF TSW tend to monopolise this task 'sausage-side'. We are also trained for rigger-marshalling as a core competence of being an AAC soldier.

- A few people have gone on Ops to perform Watchkeeper, Signaller, Int :)-))and Q tasks and, prior to the current budgetary embarrassments, our current CO was pressing the Volunteer brand with other AAC units, some quite Gucci. However, the Signaller and MPS/Flight Ops as career streams now appear complete dead ducks.

What do you want out of AAC (V)?

Thanks for the reply.

What do you want out of the AAC (V)?

That's a big question, working on one of the most Gucci pieces of kit in the Army is a big draw. I'm not a spring chicken, getting on a bit for storming trenches, but feel I could give the lads on the ground a bit of help by keeping these beasts in the fight.

I'm looking for a decent career, part time, but could get a couple of tours in. Definitely looking at progression through the ranks and should be able to get in at least 15 years service.
No. Can't see that changing any time soon, either.

Sorry !

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