Looking to find old mates - free?

I've just launched Welcome, Gentlemen of the Corps | Sappers.co.uk - for all Royal Engineers this week, and I'm hoping it will be a useful online "address book" for you to find other former colleagues or for them to find you. It's not really a community site in the same way ARRSE is, it's really just my attempt to answer the age old question - "Does anyone know what happened to XYZ from Osnabruck?" Hopefully this will be an easy way to solve that.
You can register now without having the usual admin email sent to you and having to wait for a reply, but I will re-enable that next week once the rush has died down. You can enter your whole service history on there quickly (and hopefully easily) and that's the way people will find you. Have a look,and let me know if you need me to update anything on gordon@sappers.co.uk