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Afternoon All!

First post on here (and a bit of a lengthy one), so please bear with me…
From an early age I’d always planned to join the Army and never thought of any other career choice. I joined the cadets as soon as I was old enough just so that I could get my ‘green-fix’, and then eventually started through the application process the minute I was out of school.
Unfortunately, I was knocked back on medical grounds: Reynauds disease!
13yrs later, and here I am sat at my desk in a well paid but dead-end IT Management role, with zero job satisfaction.

Throughout all my working years, I’ve always wished that there was still some way I could get into the Army – and recently started talking to my doctor as I’d noticed that what my parents felt they saw as ‘symptoms’ when I was a child, have not seemed to occur in me throughout my entire adult life. A few appointments later, and Mr Doctor tells me that the Reynauds was a mis-diagnosis!
- I bet you can see where the story is about to head…

So, with the knowledge that I would now be deemed as medically fit for the Army, I started looking more closely at what options I’d had.
I was worried about my age – then the age limits went up. I was also concerned about the impact it may have on my family – then that relationship broke down anyway.
The last hurdle I felt was almost impossible to jump was the financial issues. At 29 yrs old in civvy street, you tend to have gathered a fair few commitments – commitments which I couldn’t imagine meeting on the basic (£13k) starting salary for a new soldier. However recently through circumstances beyond my control I’ve been railroaded toward the slip-road leading to bankruptcy – although it’s a hard path, the one saving grace is that at the end of it I’ll have no financial commitments apart from my 2 children.

All in all, the hurdles have fallen and I can see that in the next 12-18months I’m going to have nothing further to hold me back – so am looking to start readying myself for a big decision on the future.
I’m 29 now, and would be 30 at the time I’d be looking to enlist – I’d be going for the Infantry (Para’s, or Rifles), purely because that’s just where my heart has always been. I see this as a real opportunity to finally tread the path I always wished I was able to, and have plenty of time to move my fitness to where it needs to be also.

BUT – I have a question;

– Although I know I’d be designated as “single” and therefore likely be bundled into shared accommodation once (eventually) in my chosen regiment – would I have any opportunity to apply for private quarters on the basis that I’d like to have my kids with me for any weekends off? Or would I simply have to push plans forward with my girlfriend (who’s fully supportive on this, and would even be willing to relocate with me if necessary), and marry her quick-smart in order that I’d be eligible for married quarters?

I’ve tried asking my local AFCO – but they’re pretty uninterested to be honest…

Obviously me finally being able to sign up – and actually doing so, is going to be a fairly big lifestyle change for me. Therefore it’s something I’ve thought long and hard about for many weeks/months, and am taking very seriously indeed.

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer…
i admire your devotion and dedication to the job, however, I cant offer any info / advice on that, all I can say is if youre happy doing so, getting married is the only way to get married quarters (funnily enough)
Married Quarters are only available for married personnel,but there are Welfare Quarters at some locations that can be rented for weekends with your kids,through the Army Welfare Service.
im in the process of joining, i have an 8 month old daughter.

myself and her mother are'nt married but i might propose to her after my training. to be honest i dont know if id survive 24/7 in the same house as her but id like to see my daughter every day.

but then, i believe you can apply for a council house if you are in the armed forces which means you could have a home near to where you are based
I am 27 and joining with 2 kids 3 and 2yrs. I have been with the mother for 6 years almost! We are getting married at some point during my training (ie: weekend home)

My ACO told me that I can apply for marriage quarters with the 2 kids but should there be a shortage in housing Married personnel would get priority. How true that is I don't know?

I have to wait until I start training until I know what or when I get any leave during the 24 weeks before we can arrange any wedding?

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