Looking to buy a treadmill

I've run some searches but nothings surfaced.

I'm looking to buy a decent treadmill for home use and am after any recommendations anyone had.

Lifefitness seems to be the brand of choice for the MOD, are they the right type for home use too? Any other brand recommendations?

Is it possible to buy ex-mil/gym ones anywhere? (I know they'll be knackered, but commercial grade are otherwise way too pricey).

Thanks in advance for any tips.


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Save yourself the cash and go running instead.


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Treadmills might make you think that you're pounding out the miles, but the reality is that the rubber is moving whether you're hitting it or not. Ergo, it assists you in the distance and time.

Yes, it is soft and springy, thereby theoretically protecting your knees but then you've got to absorb that movement somewhere so there will be damage.

If you're bothered about lack of good routes around you check out something like MapMyRun.com and you might find some.

If you don't want to damage your knees and still stay trim, try another exercise but save yourself the sheer and unmitigated boredom of a treadmill and get your hairy arse out on the road for a proper run. They were invented for mice, you know.
Take the dosh and invest in a decent gym membership instead. You'd be the first person in the world to use home equipment for more than a month upon installation. Gym will motivate you to go there and exercise, no distractions. Failing that: what Ravers said.
Most gyms lease their gear, so you might check the manufacturer for leasing returns. I agree with udipur, they are boring, but they also don't get rained or snowed on, I plug an audio book in and zone out myself.
I agree with Ravers on this one, there's no need to invest in a treadmill, eventually it will **** up somehow. And running outdoors is always going to have slight inclines or something different in the terrain etc so far less boring
Treadmills are soul destroying, exertion assisting pieces of shite. They were specifically designed for obese women and members of the TA.

Get out of the house and enjoy the finery of the great outdoors - whilst skipping over the myriad of dog shite.
I mean I don't think it's a bad idea to buy a treadmill. I'm an avid runner and love running outside but sometimes in the winter you have no other choice but to hit the treadmill. I don't own one; I just go to a gym. I'm sure the options are endless, but I would avoid really cheap and manual models. I would definitely invest in one that will let you run really hard and still last a long time.

Here is a guide to buying a treadmill. It even has recommendations at the end. You may find it helpful!

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