Looking to become a mechanical engineer

Have any of you been through this process? I am in my early 30s and now have the time to start exploring my options. I know it sounds kind of late, and I have to go through school again, but have any of you been down the same path and been successful? Please share you stories below and how you were able to get back on track again.
I was a college dropout before I enrolled, and am now looking for resources to quickly pick up knowledge from high school/first year college in the subjects of (math, chemistry, physics, stats). Any textbook recommendations?

EDIT: Through Reddit and some googling, the most relevant resources are MIT lectures Mech.Eng and StudyPug - although it's paid
Anyone have more free resources that are in the same ballpark as these?


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You need Engineering Mathematics by KA Stroud.

Just memorise it and you’ll be fine.

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