looking joining rlc

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ben19850, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. IM looking to join the rlc as a driver I have 2 questions

    1:how long after selection will I get a start date?

    2:where will my basic training be?
  2. start date will be about a month after

    training is at pirbright

  3. Might be a month could be longer depends on Intakes and bed spaces

    Second point is right
  4. Are you sure you want to be a driver?

    Have you thought about getting a trade instead? :plotting:
  5. id second that, driver is ok, if you want to be bored out of your skull most of the time. have you considered driver rad op
  6. Trogs, bleeps and bullet counters

    BE A PET GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. What type?

    Collie? Lab? Yorkie?

    And do you like Chum or Winalot?
  8. dont listen to this lot, they will sway you the wrong way :D
    join gods part of the corp.....be an air despatcher.
    on a serious note driving is ok if you want to spend your time servicing vehicles and painting them.
    air despatch is duelled traded so you get to do your driver trades including m.h.e, drops etc and get to cabby around in a herc :1:
  9. Actual MS, it's a good idea for the young man. If his barb was good enough for driver then it far exceeded that of Pet Op :twisted:
  10. Just because you are closer to him, doesn't make it his part of the tour.

    Anyway, I thought AD was driver trade?
  11. dingerr, its kind of part of the the driver trade, you have to be a b3 driver + hgv qual'd before you can attend the training course. this is only due to doing your j.c.b course as part of the course. when you get to the troops you have to tow trailers mitt j.c.b so hence the need for hgv.
    i know in years gone by we were part of a transport regiment and had transport regiment in out title but that harks back to the r.c.t days

  12. Duel traded?? or duelled traded or Dual traded????

    Driver why join the army to do a job my granny can do??
  13. You did :D

  14. Oh come on Everybody knows its the drivers responsiblity to fill his own vehicle

    Its the first line of the convoy commanders brief FFS
  15. duel , duelled, dual, yeah fair one you clever sod.
    now get back to the kiosk pump 3 needs some petrol and you have a que of people waiting to pay.
    dont even mention your granny, last seen in the sqn bar doing a turn for the troops on the dentists chair :D