Looking Into 55 Coy (5 MI Bn)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by CamNostos, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. I've been getting the ball rolling with my TA application (albeit at the pace of a snail) after leaving the Army to study just over 18 months ago. I'm looking for anyone with some subjective experience with this unit - I'm in the Nottingham area.

    I would appreciate any insight as I want to hit the ground running when I show my face.
  2. What was your previous cap badge?
  3. Artillery, Was OP Ack.
  4. Good to see that you are planning on joining the UK's finest MI (V) unit. Ignore the Londoners.

    No advice to offer other than appear switched on and keen. It may not seem as such but OP Ack and OPMI may have some transferrable skills, you will certainly need to be able to think on your feet.

    Given your time out of uniform you will probably be able to go straight onto technical selection and then into the trade course. Not much I can say about these other than be yourself and best of luck.
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  5. Yeah I thought so too, on my last tour I was co-located with the BRF and saw some of their OPINT/EW guys at work - helped us with pinging fire missions off I-comm, so I saw the synergy there. It would appear that I can go straight on to the 'phase two' equivalent which is ideal as I have no intention of covering old ground.

    I was making some progress speaking with the unit directly but foolishly contacted my local AFCO who have now hijacked my application claiming that the recruitment process for the TA has changed in literally the last few weeks (?!). Besides from not knowing where the Det I want to join is located they claim the unit can no longer handle me independently, I am seriously worried about this. Can anyone substantiate this claim? It seems a far cry away from ex-regular friends who have just tipped up on parade night and taken it from there (203 sent from Det etc). This new system seems both incongruous with the experience shared with me and totally counter-intuitive.
  6. I am not in recruiting so dont go on what I say, but I hear that the process for regulars (and possibly ex regulars like yourself who may retain an army number) is seriously log-jammed up at Glasgow at the moment. I am sure you are used to the 'Hurry up and wait' but stick with it.

    I cant see the harm in popping down to the unit as your ex-regular friends have done, in order to introduce yourself in the mean time.
  7. ****, that is unwelcome news. I guess no one will object to me tipping up as long as I make them aware in advance. Are you TA? What is the typical program on parade nights or does it vary? This is the kind of stuff I'm looking to find out!
  8. A first rate Det. To be recommended.

  9. Thanks for the advice, I suppose the best thing for me to do is arrange to pop in on a Drill Night. If anyone has any ideas how long it would take to complete OPMI training in the TA (approx) I would appreciate the heads up.
  10. Depends how quickly you can loaded onto a course. It's a bit of a "piece of string" question. If you give yourself 6 months after attestation, then anything less will be a bonus.

    P.S. are you sure you were a gunner? You seem much too erudite.
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  11. Are you sure you're MI?

    You know what you are talking about!
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  12. Yeah I appreciate that was a fairly expansive question - but thanks for the ball park figure, I'm having to seek advise outside of the normal channels for the moment.

    You would be surprised at the technical and intellectual proficiency required to be a good OP. I'm sure you spotted the operative adjective in that sentence.

    One more question; I assume after passing Phase Two equivalent I would get my first tape? Now that I work/study full time I have to consider the financial return for the time I will invest.
  13. Wow, it seems my iPhone's spelling incorrect function is working overtime.
  14. Yes you will be made up to Lance Jack after passing the trade course, but you will be frequently reminded by personnel from other arms and services that you have not earned it.

    You will then be on the stratospheric wage of £60 a day after tax, which is significantly less than most of the people in my sub-unit are charged out per hour by their employers. Excellent value for money I am sure you will agree.